Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Warning: Kids May Cause Drowsiness!

Day two of keeping Very Sick Kid home is half way through; though not without excitement/turmoil.

The morning began when a cup of chocolate milk shot straight into the air at the breakfast table. Both kids placed blame on Dino (A stuffed gray dinosaur which sleeps with Scooter every night and joins us for breakfast every morning). Unlike the favorite children's book series Danny and the Dinosaur, Dino does not walk, talk, smile or drink chocolate milk. So imagine my dismay when both children swore all blame fell on this inanimate object.

A small scolding and a roll of paper towels later, I resumed the roll of Happy/Super Mom. I managed to vacuum, do two loads of laundry, take down some Valentine's Day decorations, and save my home from perishing in a fire ball. (My coffee maker shorted out....of all things!)

And by 1:30 I collapsed. Yes, I snuck in a cat nap. A nearly impossible task to achieve while catering to sick children, but Oh how grateful I am. That is, until I woke up. Only in PA can it go from 70 degrees one week to a brisk 40 degrees with falling snow the next week. I suddenly felt like Dorthy in The Wizard of Oz when she fell asleep in a bed of poppies only to awaken in a flurry of snow. I'm still hoping the Wizard has time to grant one last wish: A hot meal for my kids and self that I don't have to cook. Maybe I should just ask for some courage.

Turns out, I made dinner for kids and self without the help of a Wizard, and it wasn't half bad. Of course only I can manage to pull off a Chicken Marsala dish without mushrooms. (Should have checked the pantry before beginning that adventure).

And so I realize now that we have finished baths, dinner and snack. Hubby has still not come in from work. Apparently I begun this whole blog adventure around noon, and it only took seven hours to write it. (A Record!)

Soon enough Very Sick Kid and Slightly Sick Kid will be heading to bed and I will begin this entire adventure all over again. But I will be doing it with a new coffee pot!

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