Thursday, February 26, 2009

A Letter To My Son

My Dearest Potter,

Although you are still too young to read this letter, I promise to keep it in a safe place for when your old enough to understand.

Its hard to believe that five years have already gone by. Your early arrival into this world was both a surprise and delight for our entire family. Although we were expecting you to arrive with the fall of the leaves you made the sole decision to jump with only three pushes during a beautiful July afternoon. Your Daddy, and Mom Mom held my hands as I watched the doctor hold you for a short display then quickly whisk you away to the NICU.

I didn't even know what those initials stood for until the day you were born. When I held you in my arms for the first time, everything felt so perfect. It wasn't until years later that I would look back on the pictures and fully understand the look of fear that showed on some of our family members faces.

At just 3lbs. 13 ozs. you took no prisoners. Your shakey start was easily foreshadowed by your endearing smile and sure will to stay with the family who fell in love with you immediately. During the times when your progress fell short; you reassured us with a hug and kiss, as if to say: "The mountain was too steep today, but it isn't going anywhere, and either am I! I just need a little more time." And by the next try, you did indeed climb the mountain.

You continue to be my inspiration and teacher every day of your life. You have never met a person you didn't like. (May that always be true).

Today was truly fulfilling. As we walked the halls of your soon to be new school, there was a look of wonderment on your face. I saw the explorer, the inventor, the artist and the friend wanting dearly to emerge. And in time, they will all get their turn.

Today, Mommy and Daddy have decided to give you something you seldom ask for, but so gratefully accept.....time.

Your day is coming Potter.You may have entered the world small, but you will leave a big impression. I thank God every day that you were sent to me.

I love you with all my heart.



Kathy B! said...

I have the biggest lump in my throat. Thank you for sharing that. It was beautiful.

Meg said...

That is the sweetest letter ever.

Pixeltrash said...

Awe... I'm sure your little one will appreciate your taking the time to write this.

I had a premie too...he's now a giant!

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. I could actually feel the cool hallway and remembered what it felt like when my mom took me to see my first school.

Reading this made want to cry a little. We really are blessed with such a small window of time when they're young...even though the days sometimes feel like forevers.