Thursday, February 12, 2009

Huff, Puff, Blow My House Down!

Well yesterday started out quite normal. Actually, that's a bit of a lie. The weatherman predicted heavy winds, and boy was he right on the money. I was up most of the night wondering just how strong this house of mine really is. Turns out, I would find the answer to that question later that day.

It began in the shower around 6 am when half way through washing suds out of my hair my lights began to dim. No way I thought "I'm not getting stuck in here with no light." Hubby had just left for work, and I could just imagine the horror in my little boys eyes when they saw their mother running through the house dripping wet, naked, a pound of bubble in her hair and frantically searching for a candle. I quickly rinsed, jumped out, and lit that candle. Luckily daylight soon rescued us from that close call.

The winds were suppose to be around 40 miles an hour but the news said that at times it reached 60. But seriously, unless there's a funnel, little will stop this Mommy from her daily running. (Not my brightest moment).

So Scooter and I headed out only to find a woman just leaving the Party store with a dozen balloons. (Not her brightest moment). Needless to say she attempted to put the whole batch of balloons in her trunk; yes in her trunk. She obviously didn't watch the same weatherman as I had.

And there they went. Up, Up, Up. Hilarious! Maybe I shouldn't of laughed at this woman, but I couldn't help it. Especially with a three year old in the back yelling "Hey Mom, the tree caught that one."

I soon realized that we would probably be safer at home; so that's where we headed.

A wind storm is a remarkable thing. As I sat on my couch blogging as usual I took notice to this giant piece of plastic that was rolling past my neighbor's yard. I have no idea where it came from. Judging at the size, I imagined it was used on rainy days to cover Wrigley Field. For whatever reason the wind picked it up and threw it over my fence. Great, now it's my problem! Well, that will just have to wait until this storm blows over.

Again, I return to blogging.

I take a quick moment to glance back at the window. Let's just say good thing I did. I couldn't exactly make out what flew by, I just knew it was big. I get up to look out only to find a giant mess of white board broken into a million pieces scattered on my neighbor's driveway. What the heck is going on? Now I'm forced to put my coat on.

I'm sure when I open the door everything will be in vivid color and I'll be met by a village of munchkins and a beautiful witch. If my luck continues I may even get a cool pair of ruby slippers out of this deal. (No such luck).

I head down to said crime scene. I can't believe my eyes. Yes, a piece of my house was ripped right off my house? This is criminal. I can and have fixed many things that have broken in this home, but all bets are off when it's 30 feet in the air. Not to mention, no glue (or duck tape) will ever be able to fix this damage.

I begin to pick up the scraps, being ever so careful no to impale myself with one of the many three inch nails protruding from the boards. Mind you, this is all being done during a wind storm.

I return back inside my home, only to become hysterical. Not crying, but laughing. You know, like I did at the balloon lady earlier that day.

It seems what goes around comes around. This day has been a true test to Karma, my patience and above all, my funny bone.


Kathy B! said...

Holy cow! I'm glad you didn't end up in Oz! Sounds like you had a good shot with all that wind. ANd what in heaven's name blew off your house?!

Mary K Brennan said...

Kathy B,
It wasn't exactly siding, and it wasn't exactly the roof. It's that board in between. It looks as if the house has begun to shed. Here's hoping for sunnier days. (Darn groundhog).

Michele said...

Did all that wind scary Toto? :-)
I like your writing. I am a hopeful children's writer as well. Nothing published, but always striving for it! Thanks for popping by my blog. I look forward to reading more later...

Jennifer said...

Mary! I can't believe you went outside when boards with nails sticking out were flying around! LOL I'm glad to here that your house is still on your street. :-)

Irishembi said...

We had that wind storm too. Except my local airport actually recorded a gust of 92 (92!) m.p.h.!

We lost power overnight and part of the next day. It was very sad for anyone downwind also because I hadn't gotten around to showering on Wednesday and then the power outage made it impossible to do so Thursday morning as well.

Spring is coming some day right?