Sunday, August 30, 2009

Worth the Wait

I once read a study that said we spend a quarter of our lives waiting in line. A quarter of our lives I thought, that can't be true now can it?

And then I thought about a typical day in the life of Mommy Maestro. For example, the other day after I awoke, I began by getting the kids ready first. I waited while they each went to the bathroom. I waited again when I asked them to clean up their toys and they gave me that zombie look (like I know your my mom, but unless you're screaming at us, we can't hear you.) I waited while they brushed their teeth, put on sneakers and made their way to the car.

Once at the gym, I waited for the person in front of us to check her children into the daycare. I waited for kisses, I waited for hugs (worth the wait). I waited for exercise machines, and mirror time.

At the grocery store I waited at the deli, and I waited in the checkout. I waited for my children to stop yelling (still waiting for that one).

I waited for my husband to arrive safely home from work. I waited in traffic to bring Potter to Karate. I waited for our food to be brought to the table at Applebees. I waited for the sales man to come back with a quote on the new car we were interested in purchasing for Hubby.
I waited for the kids to fall asleep. I waited for the weather on the news. Then finally, I got fed up with waiting, and I fell asleep. I began the whole cycle again the next day, just in different places.

For the most part, I've gotten used to the whole waiting thing. It's a part of life, so why complain about something that isn't going to change.

I would however like to see more stalls in women's bathrooms. No invention in the world is going to prevent us from sitting a minute or two then wiping afterwards. There is an obvious flaw in this facet of the system. They even provide chairs outside the bathroom for the gentlemen who are waiting for their ladies. Now that was a bright idea!

So what is this post all about you ask? Well, waiting is just part of it. But the other day, when I went to the movies I got so excited at one of the previews. Try to remember, if you will, that I'm a kid at heart.

The preview was for Toy Story 3. I was so excited. And then the release date popped up at the end of the trailer....June 18, 2010.

Are you kidding me? That's almost a whole year. How do I explain that to the kids? Wait a darn minute! How does someone explain that to me?

What is a Mom to do?

I know. I'll just keep watching the trailer in anticipation for the big day. Oh thank you YouTube.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

In The Blink of an Eye (A Tribute)

Life is filled with expectations. We expect our children to obey us. We expect to live better than our parents. We expect that there will be a tomorrow. But, in the blink of an eye, that all can change.

There are no guarantees, no warranties; just time. Time. A word often referred to as "flying by much too quickly." Oh, how true.

Twelve years ago I was just graduating college. Filled with energy, dreams, and dare I say a little ego, I happened upon my first place of employment. I quickly became surrounded by a group of people who would turn out to be some of my greatest friends. Of course, I did not know this at the time. But then again, aside from those little nuggets of knowledge acquired in college, what do we really know about life in our twenties? I was daring, rebellious, and eager to move ahead.

During this period, I met Bunny. A nickname of course, but the only name we ever used for her. Bunny and I both shared a love for shopping. Our conversations always included bragging rights about our latest bargain purchases, sale prices, and of course, QVC. But when it came time to talk travel, Bunny sent me to her mother.

I'll never forget entering the travel agency for the first time. I was greeted by Ann. A small petite older woman; Ann was full of surprises, including her energy level. The old cliche: "Never judge a book by it's cover," could be inserted here. Despite age, Ann moved around that office faster than Jane Fonda on caffeine. Not only did she book my trip to Vegas, she took the time to tell me where I should eat, shop and go site-seeing. That was the day, client became friend.

Over the years, our group moved in different directions. There were job transfers, promotions, weddings and new babies. Through it all we did our best to stay in touch.

Our monthly dinners were often our best chance at catching up. It was at one of these dinners that I learned Ann and I shared a love for all things sweet. I once ordered a piece of chocolate cake. Shocked by it's size when it was brought to the table, I knew there was no way I would finish that thing.

"I'll share that with you," Ann replied from across the table. That poor cake didn't stand a chance. With style, Ann finished the remainder of the dessert.

Last Christmas, my husband and I threw a party for family and friends. When I spoke to Bunny, I asked if she would bring her mother as well.

As I was tending to my guest during the party, I was greeted by a bright red poinsettia. Behind the poinsettia stood Ann with the biggest smile.

"Thank you, thank you for inviting me," she shouted. She gave me a big hug then began to mingle with the other guest.

About an hour later, I found her amongst friends, sharing stories. She brought life to every gathering.

Like I mentioned earlier; things can change in the blink of an eye.

Yesterday morning the sun shined brightly, the phone rang, and my heart dropped. The news I received was devastating.

We head out to our destinations everyday with the expectation that our journey will end at home. I do not know all the details, nor did I ask. But on that day, Ann and her husband journeyed out. But to say they didn't return home is just a matter of perspective.

Often, home is referred to the place we lay our head at night.

But what about eternity?

In my mind, Ann and her husband did indeed return home yesterday.

While most of us get a chance to meet new people everyday, I think we can all agree that only a few leave a mark.

Ann, you left your mark. My dear friend, may you fall in love with your new home. And may you have been welcomed like you would have welcomed any one of us........with bright red poinsettias and a slice of chocolate cake.
For My VGNO Friends:
4 Places I Go Over and Over:
1) The Gym (Yes, 6 weeks straight and counting)
2) Out of My Mind (Hey, I have kids)
3) Target (need I explain)
4) Window shopping at Coach
4Places I Would Rather Be:
1) Australia
2) Alaska
3) Hawaii
4) Disney World
4 Things I Have For Breakfast:
1) Egg and Cheese Sandwich
2) Coffee
3) Pop Tart (Guilty Pleasure)
4)Donuts (To celebrate going to the gym)

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Attack of the Killer Cicada

I love a quiet summer morning. The type where you can go onto the back porch in your pajamas, hair pulled into a scrunchie, see the children watch their cartoons through the window, admire the flowers you planted and sip a hot cup of coffee while it is still hot. Yes, I love those mornings.

Unfortunately, due to the arrival of cicadas; quiet is the last thing there's been around here.

If you don't know what a cicada is, take a good look at the picture (then silently scream as you think about the possibility that millions of those things are somewhere in your backyard). Believe it or not, as I did a search on Google I came upon a site dedicated to people who actually adore these little creatures. You must be kidding I thought. You can even buy mugs and T-shirts in their honor. I don't know about you, but there are a few other things I can think of that look better on a t-shirt than a cicada.

Anyhow, after a nice day of swimming two days ago, I took the boy's swimsuits and hung them to dry over the porch railing. I accidentally forgot about them, so they hung out there overnight. (no big deal...right?)

So this afternoon, Hubby decided to take the boys swimming. I nonchalantly grabbed the bathing suits and headed to the bathroom with Scooter to help him get ready. And that's when it happened! A cicada dropped out of his bathing suit and onto the bathroom floor.

Now, although the entire experience lasted less than two seconds; here is a blow by blow account from Mommy Maestro (A.K.A.- Mommy Drama Queen) for your enjoyment.

As I picked up Scooter's swimsuit, I felt something fall out near my foot. I looked down to see a bug measuring something like 2 ft long with a wingspan of an albatross (Cicada's actually measure no bigger than three inches. Try to keep in mind this is my dramatic telling). He lifted off the floor. The sound of helicopter propellers filled our entryway. I ran back into the bathroom with Scooter, closed the door, and yelled for Hubby.

As usual, Hubby came to my rescue....with a broom. Don't worry, he didn't kill it. He trapped it in a cup, showed it off to the boys (because that's what cool Dad's do) then released it back outside.

What a crazy day. Or should I say, what a crazy five seconds.

The moral of the story: First, keep your Hubby on retainer in case crazy creatures invade your home. Last, but most importantly: Bring those bathing suits in at night!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Let the Suds Fly

With all the benefits that come with this new workout regimen the family has taken on; I noticed one big annoyance.....laundry.

My normal schedule consisted of doing two loads of laundry three times a week.This was enough for me.

Doing the laundry itself really doesn't bother me. Let's face it, all you really do is throw your clothes in a hole. Nothing to it; right?

It's the hours afterward that are filled with folding, matching, loading the basket, unloading the basket, trying to remember which child wears Scooby Doo underwear and which one wears Transformers. Who has the time?

Now with Hubby and I trying to live a semi-healthy lifestyle, we've both invested in new workout clothes. Unfortunately, those clothes need to be washed too.

Now that both of us change twice a day, the pile of laundry has become shall I say....unmanageable?

I constantly read blogs from women who have a house full of children. May I ask how do you get it all done? My goal is to have no laundry on the weekends. That time I reserve for family.

My children are still in that age group where everything you hand them ends up dropped anyway. So I dare not give them a pile of newly folded clothes. While I have began to give chores to my children, I am still aware of what will actually get done in the end.

Well, I'm off to do more laundry. The weekend is closing in, and it will soon be time for a cocktail. Don't forget to stop by Ann's tonight to mingle and meet new friends.

Checkout my favorite laundry scene of all time!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shopwiki Helps the Shopper In Us All

As the kids head out to school next month I've been thinking about how it will give me an opportunity to finish some of those unfinished projects around the house. It's once again time to tear down curtains, steam carpets and organize chaos. What better place to begin my shopping than

Unlike some search engines, takes the complication out of shopping by allowing you to narrow your search by choices such as price point, color and brand.

If like me, you're also thinking about being able to get things done, why not head over to

If you're looking to restore some organization to your bathroom, shopwiki will help you find such things as bins, shelves or even a hamper.

When I think about sending the kids back to school, the first thing that comes to mind is germs. One thing I can't be without during the winter months is a humidifier. I appreciated the amount of information I found on humidifiers from Both the pros and cons of warm and cool mist humidifiers was supplied as well as recommendations for top models.

Maybe you're thinking it's finally time to organize that closet of yours. Shopwiki provides answers for every budget. From a simple storage box to the installation of an All in One Storage System; has it all.

Looking to replace your vacuum, deep carpet, or steam cleaner? Let help. Who has the time to compare all the features? Let Shopwiki do that part for you. Simply enter which features you're looking for, and Shopwiki will suggest the models that fit your criteria.

After all that work, why not treat yourself to something just for you? If you've ever thought about a spa, is ready to pamper you. From features to terminology to placement, Shopwiki will help with the entire process.

So, what's your next purchase going to be? Why not give a try?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Anniversary is Over. The Internet Problems Aren't!

Like most of you out there, I do my best at trying to provide fresh daily blogs to entertain whatever readers may stop by. As you may have noticed, I have been celebrating my anniversary for the past three days. I'll have you know that only in bloggy land is this possible.

While attempting to entertain the masses the other night, I sat on my couch with lap top in hand. Despite severe storm warnings I continued to punch away at the keys. After a few minutes of 60 mile an hour winds, the lights flickered, the TV blinked, and the internet shut down. Sadly, I have not seen the poor thing since. It's like a really bad game of hide and seek. Only, I'm tired of looking.

Thanks to Hubby and a sweet techie at our service provider, the internet was able to achieve some working status through the office PC. Unfortunately, there must have been a clog or something of the sort in one of the lines, since the signal would not translate to my lap top.

I remember the good old days when my brother sent a shelf flying which accidentally fell on our 12 inch black and white television and the antenna snapped off. We just reached into the closet, bent a hanger in half, wrapped it around the remaining antenna, and TA DA, Magic! We could get channels from Tokyo!

Today, we pay $200. for the premium package. Oh, you say you're not familiar with the premium package? Well, let me give you a definition:

For $200 a month you get phone service with voice mail (a cool feature if you're still utilizing your answering machine from 1980). However, the service man will provide you with a code to retrieve your calls from your home. He will forget to give you the code you need let's say, if you go on vacation and your Aunt Cecil passes. (You will have to find out that info. when you return on Sunday from Aunt Cecil's husband who still can't figure out why you threw away a perfectly good answering machine.

For $200. you also get cable with over 300 channels. They will forget to tell you that some of the channels are blank or duplicated. In fine print, they will tell you that you need a box on every TV in your home to get all 300 channels, unless your smart like Hubby, and run massive amounts of coax through your new home. This of course means, some TV's will get 300 channels, and some will get 30. But hell, the reception is great!

For $200 you also get internet. Now grab your bifocals, because this is where the real fine print comes into play. "Internet is a privilege, not a right. (Even if you must log onto your blog every night). We can not be held responsible for lightning, wind or any other surprises the Holy One may send your way. If you choose to continue blogging during said circumstances, your warranty is null and void (that is if you purchased one from the cute Best Buy guy when you bought the darn computer). Otherwise, try plan B: Wrapping self in aluminum foil while holding lap top and praying for a signal.

Like I said: "The anniversary is over. The Internet problems are just beginning!"

Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Got An Itch!

I got an itch! That's right, you heard me. But it's not just any itch. It's the seven year itch. It's official. Seven years ago on August 17, 2002, I married the love of my life.

It's actually quite humorous to think back to the person I was before I met my husband. I was the girl who swore she would never get married or have children. I was all about my career. I was going to be set by the time I reached 40. I was going to travel the world and get to check off everything on my bucket list.

What happened, you ask? Blame it on those size 11 shoes if you must, but clumsy ole me fell. I fell hard!

That sounds so childish I know, but what other way can I put it. Things have been quite the whirlwind these past seven years.

Just a month after we married, our new home was finished and ready to be moved into. We bought furniture, planted flowers, hung curtains and basically made our house a home.

By the following February we found out we were pregnant. As most of you know, our first born came into the world a little too early. So our first anniversary was spent right in the NICU. While his first year was difficult, he continues to make strides as a healthy six year old today.

I continued to go to graduate school at night while Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop would babysit. Hubby continued to climb the corporate ladder, and thank God for that because 18 months later our second son Scooter arrived at just under 10lbs.

There were diapers, colic, postpartum and bills, bills, bills to deal with. Through it all we stuck together.

We put in a pool, I taught Kindergarten and graduated. You helped me check things off my bucket list. But best of all, you agreed that staying home with our children would be the best move for our was!

Over the past seven years there have been times that I've laughed so hard I nearly split a gut. And then there were times when the tears just kept rolling, and the only comfort I found was in your arms.

You are an amazing man. You are thoughtful, honest and sincere. I never tire of being around you.

Thank you for the most incredible seven years a girl could ask for.

Love Always,


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hero of the Week

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed that my weekly Friday column titled Hero of the Week has been missing for a while. Well, like everyone else out there, we have been enjoying our summer. So, what little time I have had lately has been spent in the pool or playing with the kids. I apologize, but I will try to make up for it by giving you a story I'm sure you won't soon forget.

My Hero of the Week column began after I grew tired listening to the media decide that bad news was the only news that needed to be reported. The Hero of the Week is someone who goes above and beyond the call of duty, or someone who may have quietly performed a heroic deed that only he himself may know about, but the deed is much bigger than he may understand.

I have chosen my son Scooter as my Hero of the Week.

Although Scooter often makes his way into the stories I tell, I have up until now left out a few details about my youngest. When Scooter was one years old he would constantly get ear infections. After the tenth time we decided to get tubes. I spoke to many parents before we went through this surgery, and all had good things to report.

About two months after receiving tubes, I noticed a difference in the way Scooter heard the world. He began to ask about conversations that I had with my husband in another room. He asked about sounds that were normally ignored by others, but unavoidable for him. His hearing had become so acute that he began to become scared of the simplest of things.

The last 2 years have been spent with pediatricians, specialists, and O.T's. Most giving us the same answer: "He will grow out of this."

To some people, this would be good news. But as a Mother, I needed a time line. In my mind I was always counting down to the first day of Pre-K. "Would he be able to cope?" "Would something scare him so much that he wouldn't go back." I felt like Scooter's translator many days. "Tell them I can't do that Mommy. Tell them it scares me," would be written all over his face.

Many days I felt helpless, like a wet band aid that clings to a sore but is unable to protect anymore.

So like any Mom, I tried to convince my son just how strong he really was. If a sensory processing disorder was something that he could learn to cope with, then he already had the tools he needed. It was just up to him to be ready.

He was ready today.

It's been two years since Scooter has been able to walk into a movie theater without screaming. Today he did it. With his brother Potter, his Mom Mom and myself by his side; he did it!

As he stayed focused on the screen; I was focused on him. I couldn't help but let a few tears get by from time to time. He sat there in hysterics eating his popcorn and appearing to be unaffected by all the noise. It doesn't get better than this.

Despite this enormous step today, Scooter has a long way to go. But for the first time in a long time, I saw him move forward.

You are courageous my little man. One day you will take on the world like you took on today. You are stronger than you know. Follow your heart. You can become anything you want to be. But today, you are a hero!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Castle for the Kids

What do you do with two boys when you have an hour to waste between appointments, and you're in Doylestown Pennsylvania? Well if you live in this area, you already know the answer. But if you unfortunately live out of state, let me say just two words: Kid's Castle.

As a mom, you've probably spent many hours in playgrounds. I know I have. We have a playground right in our development that offers little for the kids, but they occasionally like to make the visit. Mom's don't really care for this one since there is no where to sit, and absolutely no shade. So remember that sunscreen ladies!

The local firehouse has a great playground. It is surrounded by trees and has benches for the moms. The kids love it there. That is, until the sirens go off at the firehouse...LOUD!

Hands Down though, the best place to take the kids is Kids Castle. I like to save this place as a surprise. When the kids have been extra specially good, I'll take the drive. Like today.

As we entered the park, their eyes lit up. They had no idea where we were going. When they finally saw the castle, I was suddenly flooded with thank you Mommy.

Standing 8 stories high, the castle is actually a giant maze. The kids have fun climbing to high levels then using the sliding boards to get to the bottom. The structure is designed for 5-12 year olds, but not to worry, the little ones weren't forgotten. There is a sand pit, two swing sets, a zip line and even a puppet stage. It's amazing. There are also pavilions if you would like to bring lunch. Best of all, there are bathrooms. How many times have you had to leave a playground because the little one had to pee? Or maybe they took a fall, and there was nowhere to wash them off.

This is a great place to spend a few hours with the kids. If your in the area, don't forget to stop by. (Kid's Castle, that is. Not my home. Unless you're bringing Margarita's of course.)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Blame It On the Mug

With the summer coming to a quick close, Hubby and I decided to spend this past weekend as a family taking day trips. Luckily all the rain we received in June allowed the money tree in our back yard to sprout abundantly!........NOT!

All I have to say is Holy Crap! I felt like VanWinkle just awakening from a long nap only to find that everything had doubled in price. Saturday was spent at Hershey Park. We began by paying for parking. When we finally made it to the front gate, I probably would have let out another "Holy Crap," but I was able to buy my tickets through our township and receive a discount.

But the real shocker was lunch time. There were 2 adults and 2 children. The total came to $50. That's right, I said $50. Here's the real surprise: We ordered popcorn chicken, french fries and drinks.

Now I will admit, a crucial mistake on my part may have sent the price into unknown territory. See, I was placing the order when Hubby came up and asked for a mug of root beer. At least that is what I heard. I didn't know why he wanted one of those stupid souvenir cups that are impossible to fit in any kitchen cabinet, but rather than questioning him, I placed the order.

So I return to the table only to find Hubby giving me a funny look. "Why did you order me one of those?" he asked.

"You asked me to," I said. "You wanted a mug of root beer."

"No I didn't," he says. "I wanted Mug Root beer."

"Who calls it Mug Root beer?" I ask.

"That's the name on the label," he said.

"But no one ever asks for a bottle of Stewart's Root beer, do they?" I question.

We both laugh. A simple mistake has once again led to poverty. Back home that night, we send the children to the backyard to pick from the money tree again....NOT!

The next day we head to Morey's Pier in Wildwood. Once again we were lucky enough to get discount tickets... thanks Connie! Unfortunately, getting through the gates proved to be one of the cheaper parts of our day. After lunch (only $40. that day), there were still games, dinner, ice cream and parking.

If I sound like I'm complaining, I'm really not. We had a wonderful time, and sometimes, no matter how much money it may cost; a weekend with your family is worth it all.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Stuck In A Cross Road

Years of education under my belt, and yet where do I find myself today? That's right, you guessed! I'm unsure how it works in other states, but in PA, once you obtain a teacher certification you must complete your act 48 hours. Simply stated, the whole idea prevents our teachers from getting "rusty."

We've all had the "rusty" teacher sometime during our educational career. They are the ones that read directly from the text book. They sit most of the day. And they don't bother making their own test since they can easily xerox the ones in the back of the teaching manual.

So, with the kids off to their grandparents, I embarked on a day of school. From 8 to 5:30 I completed activities, watched videos, worked on a team, summarized, read, answered and almost fell asleep on the way home. And guess what? I have to return for the second part on Tuesday. On top of that, I have a homework assignment. A fun homework assignment, but due to the family outing planned this weekend, I'm still trying to figure out when I will be completing it.

That brings me to the title of this post. After receiving my Master's Degree in Elementary Education a few years back, I planned to return to work rather quickly. Let's just say, life throws you curve balls some times. Lucky for me, these curve balls have enabled me to spend more time with my children. On the flip side, I may loose my teaching license.

I have done much thinking about this situation. While I have been raising my boys I have also been given the chance to spend more time writing... another passion of mine.

I am now at a crossroads of some sort. Some days I feel I should go to my right. Other days I'm pulled more to the left. For now, I've decided to complete classes while I continue writing. While it's not the answer, it is a temporary fix to the anxiety I've been feeling lately.

Both boys will be in school this year. While it's only a half day program for Scooter, it may give me the little bit of "me" time needed to straighten myself out.... to decide what I want to be when I grow up!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cool New Toy Sparks Child's Imagination

As a parent, I'm constantly on the look out for affordable, yet fun and safe toys for my children. I recently was given the opportunity to test toys for Our first box arrived holding the Activity Bus by Plan Toys. While you may not have heard of Plan Toys, you'll be glad to know that they are one of the few toy companies currently providing green toys for children.

The Activity Bus arrived at our home the day after my older son's birthday. The house was already filled to the brim with new toys. Needless to say, the bus sat on the kitchen island unopened for a few hours. Eventually though, my four year old began to get curious.

My son quickly discovered that what appeared to be a school bus was actually a fold out classroom as well. It included chairs and a blackboard. But I think he became most excited when he found that there were figurines included as well.

It's been three days since the Activity Bus arrived, and it remains one of the favorites. I was a little worried when it was dropped on the stairs, but luckily it held up. Ebeanstalk couldn't have picked a better time to send the bus. My son will be entering Pre-K this September. He is anxious about learning. His enthusiasm about entering a classroom was evident while watching him play with his new toy.

I encourage parents to make a visit to Plan Toys. The Activity Bus is a sure winner!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Trying to Become Smaller in a "Biggie Size" World

So, I'm on week three of living my new healthy lifestyle? I ended that as a question since I'm unsure how well I'm really doing. In my mind, anything is better than the nothing I did just three weeks ago. However, something funny has taken place.

Maybe it's the fact that I'm finally paying attention to what I eat everyday, or maybe as I have suspected all along, there is a conspiracy to keep Badonk a Donk from shrinking.

Case in point, I met my girl friends at Panera Bread last night. I had already eaten dinner, so I was ready for a nightly snack. I chose to indulge in a Carmel Latte (yes, I ordered the whipped cream on top). Then I headed over to the treats. I'm not sure if it had to do with the million or so calories I burned off in the morning, but let's just say, thank God it was all behind glass.

Trick glass that is. Let me explain: When the nice girl behind the counter handed me my cinnamon bun, it suddenly turned into the equivalent size of a Good Year Tire. I kid you not. Behind the glass was a innocent cinnamon bun. In front of the glass was a plate of cardiac arrest drizzled with a sugary syrup. The plate felt at least 5 pounds.

Any day now, I'm sure I will begin to crave fruit. I'll even settle for a vegetable craving. Just no more cinnamon bun cravings.

I'm warning you now. Draw the shades, lock the doors. Keep the baked goods away. Objects behind the glass are bigger than they appear! I hope week 4 is easier because it's hard to become smaller in a "Biggie Size" World.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away! Come Back When We Have Coats!

We were expecting some storms today, but it got down right ridiculous. At around 11:30am the winds began blowing about 60 mph. The rain was coming down in buckets. My husband drained the pool twice until the lightning began and I had to remind him that he was standing in a puddle. All of this and of course we were expected at a surprise party.

Surprise parties are wonderful, but they are the one occasion where lateness is unforgivable. If you're late, you may just ruin the surprise. So because I'm early for every occasion, I decided to leave even earlier due to the bad weather. Plus, I was hoping to buy the kids rain coats.

This is an interesting subject. Not one that I would normally find interesting, until of course I needed to buy a rain coat. Where does one go to buy a rain coat?

I began at Old Navy....nope! Then we headed to the mall. I tried Sears....nope! Children's Place...nope! Gymboree, JcPenney, and one other store (I forgot the name) Nope, Nope, and Sorry Lady...Nope!

I know there are plenty of stores online. But when you have to be somewhere in less than an hour, the kids are shivering, and you've just found out that seven stores in the mall are taking in water due to the monsoon, you become desperate. Mama Bear will do anything for her cubs. Apparently, keeping them dry was off my radar today.

By the time we finished our shopping spree, we walked out to find a light drizzle. Are you kidding me? A poncho would have sufficed at this point. Unfortunately, I didn't have one of those either.

All right, off to the party. As we dodged falling trees, debris that had washed into the road during flash floods, and street lights that refused to cooperate; we finally made it. Luckily, we had left early.

You can probably guess what I will be doing after writing this post. That's right. Now, where did I put my credit card?