Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Castle for the Kids

What do you do with two boys when you have an hour to waste between appointments, and you're in Doylestown Pennsylvania? Well if you live in this area, you already know the answer. But if you unfortunately live out of state, let me say just two words: Kid's Castle.

As a mom, you've probably spent many hours in playgrounds. I know I have. We have a playground right in our development that offers little for the kids, but they occasionally like to make the visit. Mom's don't really care for this one since there is no where to sit, and absolutely no shade. So remember that sunscreen ladies!

The local firehouse has a great playground. It is surrounded by trees and has benches for the moms. The kids love it there. That is, until the sirens go off at the firehouse...LOUD!

Hands Down though, the best place to take the kids is Kids Castle. I like to save this place as a surprise. When the kids have been extra specially good, I'll take the drive. Like today.

As we entered the park, their eyes lit up. They had no idea where we were going. When they finally saw the castle, I was suddenly flooded with thank you Mommy.

Standing 8 stories high, the castle is actually a giant maze. The kids have fun climbing to high levels then using the sliding boards to get to the bottom. The structure is designed for 5-12 year olds, but not to worry, the little ones weren't forgotten. There is a sand pit, two swing sets, a zip line and even a puppet stage. It's amazing. There are also pavilions if you would like to bring lunch. Best of all, there are bathrooms. How many times have you had to leave a playground because the little one had to pee? Or maybe they took a fall, and there was nowhere to wash them off.

This is a great place to spend a few hours with the kids. If your in the area, don't forget to stop by. (Kid's Castle, that is. Not my home. Unless you're bringing Margarita's of course.)


FranticMommy said...

I am drooling. heck with the kids. I wanna go!

Carolyn said...

OMG My son would think he had died and gone to heaven!! Can he live there? :) Thanks for the great tip. If we are ever in the area, we will definitely visit this wonderful place (goes to write it down so she doesn't forget).

Came over from SITS and I'm sure glad I did!

Patty said...

Thank you for visiting my blog. I have to say that I think you are very brave. I don't know if I could ever be a stay at home mom. That is harder work than any out there. Ha but then again I don't know if I could ever be a mom period. I'll be back to visit.

SunShyne said...

WOW!!!!!!!! is all i have too say i have 2 boys ages 5 &7 and I know they would never want to leave!!!!

Martha in PA said...

Looks fun. I will have to look that one up. I took my daughter and great nephews to a smaller version in Upper Gwynedd the other day!


Martha in PA said...

We decided to head over to Doylestown and experience a new "castle" park today. It really is amazing. Outshines the one in Upper Gwynedd that is pretty awesome too! The entire park area is beautiful. The kids had fun, and I enjoyed people watching and photo taking!

Thanks for the tip!