Sunday, August 16, 2009

I Got An Itch!

I got an itch! That's right, you heard me. But it's not just any itch. It's the seven year itch. It's official. Seven years ago on August 17, 2002, I married the love of my life.

It's actually quite humorous to think back to the person I was before I met my husband. I was the girl who swore she would never get married or have children. I was all about my career. I was going to be set by the time I reached 40. I was going to travel the world and get to check off everything on my bucket list.

What happened, you ask? Blame it on those size 11 shoes if you must, but clumsy ole me fell. I fell hard!

That sounds so childish I know, but what other way can I put it. Things have been quite the whirlwind these past seven years.

Just a month after we married, our new home was finished and ready to be moved into. We bought furniture, planted flowers, hung curtains and basically made our house a home.

By the following February we found out we were pregnant. As most of you know, our first born came into the world a little too early. So our first anniversary was spent right in the NICU. While his first year was difficult, he continues to make strides as a healthy six year old today.

I continued to go to graduate school at night while Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop would babysit. Hubby continued to climb the corporate ladder, and thank God for that because 18 months later our second son Scooter arrived at just under 10lbs.

There were diapers, colic, postpartum and bills, bills, bills to deal with. Through it all we stuck together.

We put in a pool, I taught Kindergarten and graduated. You helped me check things off my bucket list. But best of all, you agreed that staying home with our children would be the best move for our was!

Over the past seven years there have been times that I've laughed so hard I nearly split a gut. And then there were times when the tears just kept rolling, and the only comfort I found was in your arms.

You are an amazing man. You are thoughtful, honest and sincere. I never tire of being around you.

Thank you for the most incredible seven years a girl could ask for.

Love Always,



Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!! I wish you many more years of love and laughter.

Stopping by from SITS


Kathy B! said...

Happy Anniversary, Mary!

May you have many more to come!!

Lisa @ Boondock Ramblings said...

This is an awesome post. Congrats on your anniversary. My husband and I have been married seven years too (July 13).

Jen Sue Wild said...

Happy anniversary..
What a sweet letter to your DH.. I hope you have agreat day!

stopping by from SITS

Jennifer said...

Oh, Mary! Congratulations on your anniversary! I hope you both get to celebrate many more! :-)

Vodka Mom said...

a lovely tribute...

Happy Anniversary!!

Over from SITS!!

Cheryl said...

Happy, happy anniversary!!

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary! Isn't it funny how life throws you all these unexpected curve balls that get you exactly where you want to end up?! Hope you guys did something fun to celebrate!

Jane In The Jungle said...

Awesome testimony to your hubby!!