Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Anniversary is Over. The Internet Problems Aren't!

Like most of you out there, I do my best at trying to provide fresh daily blogs to entertain whatever readers may stop by. As you may have noticed, I have been celebrating my anniversary for the past three days. I'll have you know that only in bloggy land is this possible.

While attempting to entertain the masses the other night, I sat on my couch with lap top in hand. Despite severe storm warnings I continued to punch away at the keys. After a few minutes of 60 mile an hour winds, the lights flickered, the TV blinked, and the internet shut down. Sadly, I have not seen the poor thing since. It's like a really bad game of hide and seek. Only, I'm tired of looking.

Thanks to Hubby and a sweet techie at our service provider, the internet was able to achieve some working status through the office PC. Unfortunately, there must have been a clog or something of the sort in one of the lines, since the signal would not translate to my lap top.

I remember the good old days when my brother sent a shelf flying which accidentally fell on our 12 inch black and white television and the antenna snapped off. We just reached into the closet, bent a hanger in half, wrapped it around the remaining antenna, and TA DA, Magic! We could get channels from Tokyo!

Today, we pay $200. for the premium package. Oh, you say you're not familiar with the premium package? Well, let me give you a definition:

For $200 a month you get phone service with voice mail (a cool feature if you're still utilizing your answering machine from 1980). However, the service man will provide you with a code to retrieve your calls from your home. He will forget to give you the code you need let's say, if you go on vacation and your Aunt Cecil passes. (You will have to find out that info. when you return on Sunday from Aunt Cecil's husband who still can't figure out why you threw away a perfectly good answering machine.

For $200. you also get cable with over 300 channels. They will forget to tell you that some of the channels are blank or duplicated. In fine print, they will tell you that you need a box on every TV in your home to get all 300 channels, unless your smart like Hubby, and run massive amounts of coax through your new home. This of course means, some TV's will get 300 channels, and some will get 30. But hell, the reception is great!

For $200 you also get internet. Now grab your bifocals, because this is where the real fine print comes into play. "Internet is a privilege, not a right. (Even if you must log onto your blog every night). We can not be held responsible for lightning, wind or any other surprises the Holy One may send your way. If you choose to continue blogging during said circumstances, your warranty is null and void (that is if you purchased one from the cute Best Buy guy when you bought the darn computer). Otherwise, try plan B: Wrapping self in aluminum foil while holding lap top and praying for a signal.

Like I said: "The anniversary is over. The Internet problems are just beginning!"


Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

Grrrrr.... so frustrating! Hope you are up and running soon...

Jennifer said...

Yoiks. Don't get me started on the 300 channels. I refuse to pay for the extra 165 channels AND HD, but husband is begging for it.


I really do hope the internets finds you!

Kathy B! said...

This just bites!!

I hope you get some resolution on this. We've been debating switching phone/cable/internet companies... And I am putting it off because the thought of opening this can of worms (you know you won't have a connection for at least a week...) scares me witless!

Joanna said...

I am feeling your pain. I swear our cable/Internet/phone provider is close to a crack dealer. They get you hooked and jack the prices. Waaahhhh!!