Monday, August 30, 2010

Guess What's In The Oven (No, Not One of Those)!

Hard to believe that I've finally reached this chapter in my life...Business Owner. I can now cross off the line on the Bucket List that read: "Be My Own Boss."

I can't say that I ever imagined owning a cookie company, let alone being it's main baker. But when I was handed my license last week; I knew it was true.

The past couple of months seem like a whirlwind. But to be able to work from my home is really the ultimate dream. I can continue to be a Mom, carpool, watch Karate and Swimming lessons, help with homework and build paper airplanes. While I realize our schedule will change a bit, I am still grateful.

To my family and friends that believed in me and supported me through this process: "I Thank You." Thanks for ignoring your waistlines during the rigorous taste testing.

I'm looking forward to the next couple months!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Those Were the Days

Oh, how I miss the 80's. Sure, some of you that read this post may not have even been born yet. And although the eighties were filled with much neon; memories take me back to a time of boom boxes and roller skates.

So when my children asked if we could take them roller skating, you can imagine my response. Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

It's funny how times have changed. The place to be on the weekends was the roller skating rink. In order to take my children roller skating though, we had to venture into North East Philadelphia (which isn't that far). But seriously, there are absolutely no roller skating rinks in the suburbs.

Now, had they asked to go ice skating, they could have been easily accommodated. We are surrounded by three.

Who needs three ice skating rinks? It's not like ice skating's popularity is on the rise. I mean I remember the Dorthy Hamill days. I had her hair cut for Goodness sake. But I also remember the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harden incident. (What that was all about, still baffles me).

So when we finally reach the rink, I'm filled with nostalgia. I can't wait to get my skates on. And then it hits me, my body is a little older since I tried this last. In addition, I was there to teach the kids to skate, not to recreate scenes from Xanadu.

By the end of the session, I was still ready to go, but honestly my body was done. Although I hadn't fallen once, my attempts at catching children before they hit the hard wood took a little out of me.

I woke up this morning asking the question "What Happened?" I finally realized why so many of us 80's Lover's had retired our roller skates for a pair of Isotoners and a bottle of Doan's.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

A "shifty" Issue

i guess it's time to buy a new computer. i'm unsure how long these things are meant to last, but this morning when i began this blog I noticed the shift key, well, got a little "shifty.'

as you can already tell by the use of my capitals, my shift key is giving me a problem. funny how yesterday it was the 'T' key. i had to go through my entire post and hold the "t" key down with all my might in the places it had been omitted.

when i opened my computer this morning, it was telling me it was shutting down Windows. Listen Mr. computer, i shut the window yesterday before i left.' I know the rules. If you don't shut the window, someone is likely to crawl in. And maybe that's exactly what has happened. i have a visitor.

i don't remember inviting anyone in, so if you're here, it's time to leave. my computer is only 2 years old, and frankly I need a dishwasher and oven more than I need a computer right now.

Maybe the keyboard just needs a good cleaning. Hopefully by tomorrow, i'll have this thing figured out!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Electric Went Out, and Our Son Vomited!

And those were the words I woke up to this morning.

As usual, I was in my morning stupor. My husband leaned over me around 5:30am and gave me the news. And that was how the day began.

As I sat in bed, I began to already change the plans for the day. I was unsure how sick Potter really was at that point, so I decided in order to avoid the hustle and bustle of the morning, we would forget about the gym.

I entered the shower realizing this would be the only "Me" time of the day. For as soon as I emerged I would have to have my Super cape attached, and be able to leap buildings in a single bound.

Scooter was already sitting up in bed at 6:15. He is always a delight in the morning. Like clockwork, he attempts every day to convince me of the importance for children to consume Pop Tarts as their morning breakfast. Again it is followed by a silly attempt on my part to explain the Food Pyramid to a five year old. The only thing I really have on my side at this time in the morning is size. Mom: 1, Scooter: 0.

When I walk in to check on Potter, I'm greeted by a mysterious smell. Well, as luck would have it, Husbands do indeed wake up in he middle of the night and change sheets. They just forget to bring the soiled ones down to the Laundry Room.

And so the saga continues. It is now 7:39am, and Potter has been vomit free so far. Here's hoping that luck continues.

As for Me, well I guess I have some Febreezing to do.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yes. I've Managed to Blow Up Another Appliance!

I'm unsure whether or not a carpet steamer can be filed under the word appliance. When I think of appliance, I automatically think of all those dust collectors that line our counter tops. Our coffee pots, toasters, KitchenAids, food processors, blenders, etc.

I have independently decided that carpet steamers be filed under a special category...CRAP!

See, it's like this. Hubby and I bought a carpet steamer the year we bought our home (eight years ago this week). Sadly, carpet steamer #1 left us much too soon.

We began a family the following year and knew we would need a new steamer. So of course, out to the store we headed. I believe that one lasted us about a year. Just in time for our second child to arrive. Unfortunately, it too bit the dust (no pun intended).

Steamer #3 was sure to last us a lifetime (at least that's what it said on the box). Now, before I go any further, I need to mention that I do not steam every day, or every week for that matter. So for anyone who may believe I'm just killing these steamers slowly by overuse, well, that is truly not the case.

Steamer #3 was off to a bad start. See, we were forced to buy special chemicals (that were not sold in stores) to keep that puppy running. And although I believed in the promises, Steamer #3 found it's way to the garbage can shortly after it decided to backfire its "special chemical" all over the user, i.e. Me. There's something truly special about a Steamer that not only steams carpets, but also steams it's owners, it's owners clothes, and air.

Steamer #4 was bought at my local Kohl's store. And while I do not hold Kohl's accountable for today's misconduct, I have to mention that I've only owned this "appliance" for four months. The fact that it broke was only half of my misfortune. I now have a steamer filled with water and carpet cleaner. And a dining room table which is now balancing all the contents of the dining room, including the chairs.

I literally had to sit down and take a break. Steamers are indeed not one of the cheaper "appliances." It always seemed more logical to me to own a steamer than to pay someone to come in and clean our rugs.

Hubby is currently in Google Mode trying to find a way to fix said appliance. I however, have bigger plans. I think I should put the $300 I would spend toward a steamer, and purchase a Margarita Maker. Let's face it: If it decides to leak, I can always sip the contents right off the counter top. And maybe after 2 or 3 of those Margaritas, the stains in the carpet won't look so bad after all.