Thursday, August 19, 2010

A "shifty" Issue

i guess it's time to buy a new computer. i'm unsure how long these things are meant to last, but this morning when i began this blog I noticed the shift key, well, got a little "shifty.'

as you can already tell by the use of my capitals, my shift key is giving me a problem. funny how yesterday it was the 'T' key. i had to go through my entire post and hold the "t" key down with all my might in the places it had been omitted.

when i opened my computer this morning, it was telling me it was shutting down Windows. Listen Mr. computer, i shut the window yesterday before i left.' I know the rules. If you don't shut the window, someone is likely to crawl in. And maybe that's exactly what has happened. i have a visitor.

i don't remember inviting anyone in, so if you're here, it's time to leave. my computer is only 2 years old, and frankly I need a dishwasher and oven more than I need a computer right now.

Maybe the keyboard just needs a good cleaning. Hopefully by tomorrow, i'll have this thing figured out!

1 comment:

Linda said...

Good morning. thank you for you comment.
I talk to my computer too. You have to. Somedays more than others. I finally broke down and bought a new one with the money I make selling my art. It was a no win situation. Very frustrating having a compute that doesn't do what it is told to do. Tank you for sharing.