Friday, August 21, 2009

Let the Suds Fly

With all the benefits that come with this new workout regimen the family has taken on; I noticed one big annoyance.....laundry.

My normal schedule consisted of doing two loads of laundry three times a week.This was enough for me.

Doing the laundry itself really doesn't bother me. Let's face it, all you really do is throw your clothes in a hole. Nothing to it; right?

It's the hours afterward that are filled with folding, matching, loading the basket, unloading the basket, trying to remember which child wears Scooby Doo underwear and which one wears Transformers. Who has the time?

Now with Hubby and I trying to live a semi-healthy lifestyle, we've both invested in new workout clothes. Unfortunately, those clothes need to be washed too.

Now that both of us change twice a day, the pile of laundry has become shall I say....unmanageable?

I constantly read blogs from women who have a house full of children. May I ask how do you get it all done? My goal is to have no laundry on the weekends. That time I reserve for family.

My children are still in that age group where everything you hand them ends up dropped anyway. So I dare not give them a pile of newly folded clothes. While I have began to give chores to my children, I am still aware of what will actually get done in the end.

Well, I'm off to do more laundry. The weekend is closing in, and it will soon be time for a cocktail. Don't forget to stop by Ann's tonight to mingle and meet new friends.

Checkout my favorite laundry scene of all time!


Martha in PA said...

Stopping by early for VGNO. We headed over to Kids Castle this morning - way too hot - home to play in the A/C!

I don't have any tips for laundry! It is not my favorite, but better now that we live in our apartment with the "mini washer/dryer" in the kitchen... smaller loads, personally more manageable for me (I only do laundry for two)

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer said...

I'm so with you. Folding. Blows. ;-)

Rbarakat said...

I hate laundry but I do it Mon- Friday so I have the weekends off. I mean really, as soon as I finish all the loads my kids replinish the bins so it's an ongoing cycle!

SoBella Creations said...

Laundry is never ending at my house! I need to have a better routine of getting it all done.

Stopping by via SITS