Monday, February 2, 2009

Crazy New Yorkers!

Well, I returned from New York City in one piece. I'm unsure how exactly I managed that close to impossible task, but all my body parts are attached, and I'm ready once again to dive into my writing.

As I mentioned in my last post, I attended the SCBWI conference this past weekend. Children's book writers and illustrators are among the greatest groups of people. From those of us who are trying to break into the business to those who have been in it for years; everyone has some advice. Although I have not quite met my goal of being published, I truly feel I am on my way. I always get that big burst of energy when I return from a conference (like the one I am experiencing now)! And who wouldn't be energized after leaving New York?

What a city! I say that with absolute admiration to the people who live there everyday. Busy is such an understatement, especially when you compare it to the busy out here in suburbia. Let me begin with our cab ride. I can only compare it to Disney World's Space Mountain. Once your in, your in until the ride stops. Despite any light which may exist outside, you are truly in the dark. And although you may not be going as fast as you believe, the force felt by the turns and sudden stops throws your heart into a certain unsafe rhythm.

The pace at which this city moves is unmeasurable. No matter where you look; everyone is in a hurry. God bless the window shopper. For if you try to stop midstream while on a sidewalk, you're sure to hear those few choice words we only hope never come from our children's mouth.

I've never seen so many people before in one place; and they just kept coming! Despite my anxiety issues, I look forward to returning for another visit. I should be ready to go back just in time for next years conference. Until then, I will enjoy the slow pace of suburbia. (You know: 5 loads of laundry, a meeting with the principal, pick dogie up from kennel, lunch, pick up child from Kindergarten, karate class, dinner, baths, snacks, story time, etc., etc., etc.) Slow my @#%!

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