Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Valentines Day Wish: An Elevator

With only two days left, I thought it was time to announce my Valentines Day wish. Yes Hubby, I would like an elevator.

I have put a great amount of thought into this years request, so please try to consider it a bit before throwing it into the slush pile with the other bright ideas that have not exactly made the drawing board. i.e.- a front load washer with matching dryer, a bathroom in the basement, a Mommy Cadillac, and of course the coveted sauna.

You may ask why I need such a frivolous contraption; well here's your answer.

Although our house isn't very big, I've come to the conclusion that whenever I need something it is inevitably on another floor. Case in point: Potter's social security # was in the file upstairs. I needed to fill in registration paperwork for next school year. The wash needed to be folded downstairs, walked upstairs, then put away sideways (same floor, different room). The phantom Doodie (left by beloved poodle) needed to be cleaned from upstairs, then brought downstairs, then delivered outside to trashcans (yes, more stairs were involved). And the beat goes on.

Total floors climbed yesterday: 22

No lie. I should have the body of a Diva. Unfortunately, that secret addiction to Dunkin Doughnut Muffins has led everything to balance out.

I know my plan is falling on deaf ears since we agreed the next big project would be your Media Room (man cave). Even if it does take another ten years to break ground.

You have always been great at surprises, so here's hoping for just that. I will wake up Saturday morning to the smell of fresh coffee. The children will already have been fed. I go to my staircase only to find that it has been replaced by a glass elevator (like the ones at those fancy hotels). And the buttons work so well there is practically no wait. I reach the first floor in seconds. I head over to the couch and give you a big kiss. You're the best Hubby!

I understand that the construction process may run a little over the expected Valentine's date. So I will also be accepting surprises on President's Day this year as well. XOXO

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