Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Letter

Well I'm unpacking Potter's book bag on Friday like I usually do after he returns from school. I find the normal stuff shoved inside: an art project (adorable), a worksheet (he is learning his numbers now), and a letter from the teacher.

Wait a darn minute! "A letter from the teacher," I say to myself. "What could this possibly be?" As I read the perfect penmanship I begin to feel the hairs on the back of my neck come to full attention. I'm in shock.

I'm silently counting backwards from ten. (Something I picked up from a yoga instructor...not my yoga instructor, just a yoga instructor). I gather my thoughts, then call Potter into the kitchen. I begin by reminding him that he already told me he was good in school that day. I also remind him the difference between telling the truth and not being completely honest with someone.

He spills his guts. (My Spidey Sense has worked again). The funny thing is, he doesn't realize that he is in trouble. It's almost as if his actions were part of some elaborate comedy show he decided to put on for his friends today; only the tickets were free.

I do my best at explaining how we are expected to act when we are at school verses when we are at home. Some parents may believe that there is no difference. I am not one of them.

Don't get me wrong, I teach manners and expect them to be used, but I do realize (especially with 2 boys) the occasional TOOT will be released at the dinner table. Belching is not encouraged, but when you see a 3 year old try with all their might to hold one in without exploding; it truly is a funny scene.

I am a huge fan of some of the greatest comedians ever. I often wonder what is was like in the home where Jerry Lewis grew up? Did Carol Burnett get a nod from her mother when she told her first joke at the dinner table?

"Laugh and the world laughs with you." Well son, that is not always true, especially when you try to see if your butt will fit in the play sink in Kitchen Center.

But remember this: If you use your manners and show respect, your biggest fan will always be your mother. "I love you Potter!" XOXO

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