Thursday, September 10, 2009

Scooter Soprano Strikes Back!

From the looks of the title it's hard to figure out whether I'll be discussing "The Muppets," "Mafia," or yet another sequel in the Star Wars trilogy. The truth is...none of the above.

If you're an avid reader you already know I've nicknamed my younger son Scooter because of his need for movement...constant movement that is. Try holding a baby that refuses to stop wiggling. Needless to say there were a couple of close calls.

So it was the first day of school for Scooter today. I know you're all anxiously awaiting this story.

Let's just say things went so smoothly that a few times I actually had to take a good look at my kid and ask: "Are you mine?"

So we're standing there in the courtyard behind the school when Scooter catches wind of a child who is having a breakdown. Let me add that Scooter was beginning Pre-K, and for most kids this is the first time they are away from their parents.

With that said, the child having the breakdown was now turning a shade of red that only Crayola could have perfected. Obvious sweat circles were forming under his mother's pits, while his father looked cool as a cucumber (he was obviously returning to work after this, and mom would be the one to receive the call that told her her child just bolted out the fire escape).

The teacher made a calm announcement to give hugs and kisses. Scooter did well again. As the line began to move, I caught that look in his eye. I knew what it meant, but I kept smiling and waving and blowing kisses........TOO LATE!

He ran out of line straight for me. You would think that 45lbs. isn't a lot of weight until it hits you straight in the gut. I felt like a bowling pin after a strike. How I prayed for a gutter.

As if that power play wasn't enough, you can imagine what was next. Being Scooter's Mom I was well aware that my child could scream. Maybe it was the fact that the bell had already rung and there was complete silence (except for Scooter), or maybe in my mind I was waiting for the "cool as a cucumber Dad" to help even the score. Suddenly I inherited Breakdown Mom's sweat circles.

As my child hung on to my body for dear life singing "Mommy" in Soprano, I couldn't help but feel alone. I was surrounded by people, yet none of them wanted anything to do with me. Their faces had the typical "Please don't let my kid catch what your kid has," written all over them.

As the principal appeared, I did my best at screaming for help without saying a word. She was a pro. She wrangled both Scooter and Breakdown Kid in with the style of a rodeo cowgirl. She quietly mouthed the words: "Go now."

I went straight to the bar....just kidding. I still had to drop off Potter first.

Then I went to the bar. Gotcha again! I went to Target. Obviously to buy deodorant.

Like any concerned mother, I called the school once I got home. I kept having visions that My child and Breakdown Kid would conspire to create some fancy escape plan out of blocks and Play doe. In a couple of years we would be sitting on a couch next to Dr. Phil talking coping strategies for the High School Drop Off.

Turns out, Scooter had a great day. At least that was the words that came from his mouth when I picked him up just three hours later. It was kind of robotic. So I have my own thoughts about whether or not he was trained....or hypnotized?!?!

So, the rest of the day was easy. Thank goodness. Tomorrow, the school request that all children are dropped off at the car line. They do not want the parents in the playground. They say it's an easier transition for the children if we leave right away. I agree.

I've already requested there be some help to pry Scooter from the minivan tomorrow. Honestly, what could go wrong? I have a feeling I may end up at Target again.


Jennifer said...

Hahahaha! You've got me cracking up here. I think I need to meet you at the bar... just kidding! LOL!!! ;-)

Jennifer Juniper said...

For us, Target IS the bar! I'm telling you, a beer was never as soothing as cruising the sale aisles at Target :)

Kathy B! said...

I hope you got an industrial sized jug 'o deodorant!

Melissa B. said...

Funny! And in the spirit of today's SITS Saturday Sharefest, I'm offering the 5 bloggers near me on the SITS Roll Call this morning a special treat...I'll guest blog for ya! I'm prolific, I know how to write, and I'm willing. What could be better than that?

Jaque Macpherson said...

Stopping by from SITS to wish you a great weekend!!

Amanda {My Life Badly Written} said...

My son was the only child to cry on his very first day at school but it seemed to get it out of his system. The other kids all cried on subsequent days where as my son was fine after the first day!

Returning the lurve, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh, this could have been me twenty some odd years ago!
My little Ariel was the shy child. Her best friend, Blondie, was the teacher's godchild, next door neighbor, and had already met several other children from the class. Blondie was the only child Ariel knew. I had feared Ariel would be the child to burst into tears, would need to be pried off me, but, no, Blondie was the one who screamed bloody murder. And Blondie's mother actually took her home, right then and there, leaving my little baby bereft and quite anxious.
Scooter will be fine. You will be fine. It's harder on us parents than our children.
By the way, my Ariel did fine throughout school and is now the one to calm children and their parents on their first days - she's a first grade teacher.

extremekk9 said...

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