Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Priorities vs. His Priorities

I love being married! I truly do. We are on year seven, and despite the normal ups and downs that every marriage experiences, I am in love.

They say opposites attract. I was never much for that saying. I mean why would you go and marry someone who is the total opposite of you? But then the craziest thing happened: I did exactly that.

I have a very hard time relaxing. Honestly, I have to be asleep to relax. I haven't always been like this. But I know that it has gotten worse since I had children. I'm a huge believer in getting the most from each day. You will never find me in my PJ's past 9am (not because I don't want to be). It's just that I have this fear that if I don't spend my time doing something productive (like blogging) my life will never be the same.

My husband on the hand is a relaxer at heart. Wait, let me rephrase that. My husband is a very hard worker who believes when the end of the day has arrived there shall be rest. (Wasn't that in the bible?)

My husband does not believe in waiting in line. "That is why they invented the internet," is his reply.

And now it's time for the "F" word. Oh come on people, not that word. This is a rated G Blog.

I was referring to Football.

This is the part of the season when life as I know it shall I say....changes. It is that time of year when I begin talking to myself (I mean full blown conversations), because if I'm not wearing shoulder pads and a helmet there's no getting my husbands attention. Or at least that is what I've been led to believe.

And this continues right through to the Superbowl. Can you give me an O-H-C-R-A-P !
Well, there is an upside to things. Hubby did use that trusty internet that he so believes in and looked up the recipe for Hooter's Wings. Boy were they tasty! If he decides to make them every week I guess I can talk to myself for just a bit longer.


ModernMom said...

LOL Were you looking through my window today? I lost my Hubby today and he won't be back until football season is over! Boo.
Tell your hubby to share that wings recipe!

ethelmaepotter! said...

I got your OHCRAP right here!
Wait til about year 27; you'll look forward to football season coming around!

Tina said...

I am loving this post but have to admit that I'm the one glued in front of the tv during this season, not hubby.

Stopping by from SITS to say hello.

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Kathy B! said...

My hubby will rub my feet with peppermint foot lotion while he watches and I read a book... well, not anymore. With all these kids no one sits and watches tv anymore, but you get the idea!

Jennifer said...

Who are you telling?! I am living that life as we speak! LOL! I wanted to go to the gym with the hubs, and his response is usually okay! But tonight? "But there're TWO football games on tonight! Back to back!" I took that as a no...