Monday, June 1, 2009

What the Hole?

Over the years, I have come to the realization that some things must have holes. For instance:

1) My morning doughnut- I don't proclaim to be a fitness guru. I enjoy a little sin once in a while. And if it takes a hole to create a zenful balance in doughnut world, then let them make a hole.

2) Ant Hills- Everyone needs a front door. Small hole, big problem!

3) The Grand Canyon- A beautiful site that I've only experienced through the Travel Channel and the right side windows of an airplane headed to Vegas. Big Hole, small problem!

4) The Bucket- "Dear Henry, Dear Henry!"

5) Hubby's Underwear- I have been told that men's underwear are not actually comfortable until they reach this state of holiness. Small holes...his problem!

And so this leads me to the topic of where I should not expect to find holes ever, never, never, ever!

My Teeth!

And there I was sitting comfortably in the dentist chair Saturday morning. I had just finished my cleaning, when I'm hit with this wonderful news: "You have a cavity."

"What? That's not possible", I said.

See, about six years ago, after neglecting the yearly exams for a while, I found a wonderful dentist office. I had all my cavities taken care of at that time, and I vowed that I would stay on top of those visits. And I did, I really did, but apparently something went haywire. Maybe I grew an immunity to fluoride? Maybe the doctor mixed up my X-Ray with the lady sitting next to me? Maybe my Dentist is due for an eye exam? Anything but a cavity. It just can't be true.

So because of this little snafu, I'm forced to spend yet another Saturday in a dentist chair. Once upon a time I looked forward to Saturdays, but not this weekend. No sir! This hole, I mean whole experience has got me pretty shaken. Apparently, it's not that big of a deal.

Please enjoy some of the comments I received from my family and friends:

1) Mother: "Well, it's about time. Really Mary, it's been six years."

My Thought: "Honestly Mom, it's not like I'm referring to my youth. I didn't mourn it's failure to exist."

2) Potter (my 5 year old)- "You should try brushing harder like you make me do. Do you want me to show you?"

My Thought: "Sure Potter, why don't you teach the newbie how to brush her teeth?"

3) Best Friend- "A cavity, that's it?" "Wait until you go for your checkup, and they just start falling out!"

My Thought- "Holy @#$%&*!"

4) Hubby- "Maybe that muffin habit caught up to you."

My Thought- (sarcastic repeat) "Maybe that muffin habit caught up to you!"

As you can tell, I'm am surrounded by a loving social circle.

Well, it looks as if I'll just have to brave this one out, and hope for better things to come. Stay tuned next week for the HOLE story!


Rbarakat said...

LOL! I totally understand! I hate when that happens! I never had any cavities as a kid - then I don;t know what happened! It just doesn't seem right!LOL!

Chaotic Creations by Kristen said...

URGH!! Bright side at least you caught it before it turned into root canal! ;O) Thanks for stoppin by my blog I hope to hear from you again! Good luck w/your choppers! ;O)


Well the bright side is now you are holy! officially. hahaStopping by from SITS!

Cheryl said...

LOL Dear Liza Dear Liza! I sing that to my Biggest...drives him nuts :)

I'm in the same boat. I'm 30, I've NEVER had a cavity. But I just made an appointment to go to the dentist because I'm sure I have some now. I'm dreading it. I've always enjoyed going to the dentist, this may ruin it for me.

Jennifer said...


Oh my gosh, everything, EVERYTHING you wrote is tickling me! The husband's holey underwear (I've had to fight my husband to throw them out!), Potter teaching you how to brush, your friend's comment, the muffins!!! Ugh. Good times. Good times.

April said...

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