Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation Day

Dear Potter,

Well, it's five hours and counting until your big performance. I still have baths to give, clothes to iron, and my own list of stuff that just keeps growing. But with all the excitement around here, I thought it was only right to take just a little time out of the day to say how proud Mommy and Daddy are of you.

You have grown so much in so many ways this year. Your questions amaze even the brightest. I watched as you began to recognize numbers in September to finally in May when you began adding them together. Our countless hours with flashcards really paid off. You have begun to read to Mommy and Daddy. What a joy!

You are a testament to everything that is right in this world Potter. Nearly six years ago when you decided to come into this world two months early, no one dared tell us how successful you would become someday. But we knew. We knew that any baby that beat the odds that you did back then would be a fighter.

You remind me everyday that no matter how big my obstacles may be; in the end they are still just obstacles. You are a constant example that gifts don't need to be wrapped in bows. You are one of the best gifts we have ever received.

Happy Graduation Day Potter. We love you.


ModernMom said...

What a beautiful letter. Congrats to the graduate.

Jennifer said...

Congratulations Potter! Your future's so bright... I gotta wear shades! ;-)


What a great post. Stopping by from SITS to leave some bloggy love!

Donna said...

To Potter, your accomplishments are outstanding, You truly have the best teachers in the world, your MOM and Dad...they worked so hard with you..and our penny games were such fun. Mary, this is a beautiful tribute to your son, know how very proud we are to be blessed with such wonderful children and grandchildren. Today was, the best of the best.

Debbie said...

What a wonderful letter. Have a great day!