Sunday, June 14, 2009

If You're In the Market for a Digital Camera: Read This First!

As a blogger, there are a few necessities that need to be at your disposal everyday: a good story, a computer of course, and a reliable digital camera.

I was recently in the market for a new camera, and the amount of time I spent on research was beyond ridiculous. If I had only known about, I could have let someone else do all the hard work for me. is a website dedicated to people who know what they want, but due to their schedule, they struggle with finding the adequate time needed to do the proper research. (Sound familiar anyone?) As a result, they come home with a less than satisfactory product. Currently, is focused solely on digital cameras.

Let us say, you're in the market for a Canon Digital Camera. The website will display all Canon digital cameras available but will do so by breaking the information into many helpful categories such as: best compact, cheap, and best for travel photos. Just to name a few.

What if in the past you've had very good luck with Sony products? So, you've already decided that when it's time, you'll also purchase a Sony digital camera. On top of that you know you want something that's small and under $250? Once you're on the Sony page, simply make the correct selections from the size and price columns. Only recommendations fitting your criteria will be displayed. It's that easy.

After I purchased my camera, my husband looked a little less than thrilled that I had a new toy and he didn't. With Father's Day coming up, it was time to put this website to the test. I knew my husband was looking at Nikon Digital cameras. I selected the travel category since he takes most of his pictures while on the road. I also chose to only view models under $300. I received three recommendations.

Some of my favorite features about are that it doesn't overload you with pages and pages of useless information. The more you know about what you want, the better a search it can perform. In addition, you won't just get a picture of the product. You'll receive a description, customer reviews, specifications and an option to buy.

If you're in the market for a digital camera, is definitely the place to begin.


Digital Scraps Etc said...

What a great reference! This could have been a great help to my Dad back when he was trying to decide. How often do they change their topic?

Reviewer11 said...

digital cameras are better than film. When I was looking to buy a camera, I couldn't decide if film or digital, so I did some research and a lot of thinking. Some info I got from my brother since he took photography and I'm glad I decided on getting a digital camera. The pictures look so clear and crisp.

From a fellow SITSta. :D