Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Where's Mommy?

The jury is in. I'm officially my own cartoon character. That's right. Just call me "Where's Mommy?" (Along the lines of Waldo, but a much better dresser). I truly do not look like that cartoon to your left, but it's the best I could do with my God given gifts in artistry and some off the wall avatar site I found in Bloggy World.

I have been noticing this strange trend in my household that I'm not so sure I like. Here's how it works: If I am within an ear shot of my children; all remains calm. This could mean the same room or a connecting room. As long as they can see my where abouts, a sense of calmness remains in the home. Now keep in mind that during this period I don't necessarily have to say a word to my children. I am strictly there for their pleasure.

Now imagine if you will a world where Mommy's have to empty their bladders from time to time. (And the sirens go off!) "Where's Mommy? Where's Mommy?" I hear from behind the bathroom door. And no, it doesn't necessarily have to be the bathroom, it could be anywhere in the home beyond the invisible electric fence.* (* The fence isn't really electric, but once the screaming ensues, a definite jolt is felt through my spine).

I try to remember to announce that I will be heading to the curb to retrieve the daily mail. But as soon as I turn back to the porch I find my little guy peering out the door with that look of "Is she coming back?" "Will I ever be fed again?"

It's funny how certain habits start in your home, but it didn't take me long to figure out the point of origin for this problem. See, today Hubby was working from home since he pulled an all nighter for a special project. Despite trying to go about my daily routine and allowing Hubby to do what he needed to get done, as soon as his rest period was through, guess what I heard come from his lips? "Where's Mommy?"
"Shocking?" I'm not so sure. Children constantly mimic their parents. Why should this instance be any different? It was a bit funny though.
As a Mommy, we constantly hear our name being called. Whether it's for a question, a comment, a boo-boo repair, or just a much needed hug. We are the band leaders, the teachers, the Chicks-In-Charge. Sometimes it's overwhelming to always feel we're on-call, but I know there will come a time when the noise will stop; and it will be missed. So for now my little ones, I take pleasure in being your "Where's Mommy?" and of course your Waldo.


Kathy B! said...

Life does feel like some sort of crazy cartoon sometimes, doesn't it?! I think that's why I love your blog. I know (and you know, we ALL know how hard it is) but you view it from the optimistic side. You find the fun in it... I think we're quite a bit alike : )

Are you getting excited for Disneyland?!

Mary K Brennan said...

So awesome that you remembered Kathy. We leave next Friday, actually for DisneyWorld in Florida. I'm actually stressing still at everything that has to be done. Once I'm in the car I'll calm down a bit (maybe).

I am Harriet said...

I'm just passing by via SITS.
Have a great day!

Jennifer said...

Aww, I think it's sweet. They want you! That always feels good! I feel so bad saying it, but I like when my baby needs me and no one else will do! And I don't even mind that he screams his head off to let everyone know his preference! LOL