Monday, March 16, 2009

Sometimes Plan A Works

Well, I left everyone hanging last Friday with my Vacuum Cemetery post. Amazingly, Hubby was able to replace the belt and I'm happy to report: "We're up and running!" Sometimes Plan A works.

Now, on to bigger and better things. Four days and counting and we will be on the road to Disney World. How excited am I? As for now, I will describe my mood as anxious. I have list upon list of things that need to be accomplished before Friday morning. There are even list for the list.

Scooter and I began our adventures in Super Walmart. We headed directly to the snack and juice isle. Anyone brave enough to take an 18 hour drive will need to have a fully stocked cooler. Next we headed to the DVD Clearance section. Some oldie but goodie flicks that the children haven't yet seen were thrown into the cart. God bless the Mommy who invented the travel DVD player. (I didn't even research that statement. I know in my heart she's a Mommy.)

Next I headed to a new kid friendly hair salon I found on the internet. My little Scooter suddenly became God awfully frightened of these places about two years ago. Try as we may we finally had to break down and buy our own hair cutting kit. Shortly after getting tubes in his ears Scooter became hyper sensitive to noises. While some things haven't gotten better, other issues remain status quo. Sometimes ear plugs work; sometimes they don't. I often find myself sitting in the car with Scooter or redirecting his attention somewhere else while Potter and Hubby go and enjoy the activity we originally planned to do with the entire family.

So, all was well for about 10 minutes, and then it was Scooter's turn. Tears, screaming, shaking; he made the littlest of children there look like princes. I finally had to call it off. No bribing in the world was going to work on this kid, not even the Disney World vacation. (Which I'll admit, I tried). The Dialogue went something like this.

Me: Scooter, if you want to go to Disney on Friday, you'll need to get your hair cut.

Him: Why?

Me: It's very hot, and you have too much hair on your head, you'll sweat.

Him: No I won't.

Me: Your getting too big to still be acting like this. You have to learn to calm down and have a good time. It will be over before you know it.

Him: It's already over.

Me: Scooter, will you please get back in the chair?

Scooter: (Talking in third person) Maybe when Scooter gets bigger, you can bring Scooter back here.

Me: (Thinking to Myself) Hell No!

Me: (Saying Out Loud Now) There's no reason to come back if you don't at least try to get your hair cut today.

Him: (Looks at Hairdresser) O.K. then, Scooter won't be back!

Well how do you like those apples? My child is sillier than me. This is no fair. All I want is a nice haircut for him. Is it that impossible? The poor child looks like a really cute mop. The layers go on forever.

I've decided that later tonight we will try the "at home method" once again. It's never as good, and it often is uneven. But, it seems to be our last resort. What can I say? Sometimes Plan A Works, and Sometimes you need a Plan B,C, D, and E lined up just in case.


Kathy B! said...

At least the vaccum works, right?!

You should get one of those Flobee things! The vacuum thing that sucks your hair in and cuts it? Please tell me you've heard of it?! It looks and sounds completely wrong, but I have a frined who cuts her son's hair with it and swears by it!

Calista Quinn said...

What about a hat? Covers the uneven and in Florida, you will be needing those for all of you. Or you can cut it when he sleeps? LOL. If you haven't been to D. World, check out the park rules online, they may allow you to take food in, which saves you money as you only have to buy treats and park food is expensive! Just an Idea! I am so jealous and can't wait to hear of all the magic!