Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day: Are Kids Recyclable?

I got your attention with that title didn't I? No, I'm not looking to get rid of the children. They are loved and bring just as much love to me in return. But with all this Earth Day talk, it got me thinking. For those tough days with the children wouldn't it just be sweet if mother's had a switch or remote of some kind that could put their children's whining, complaining, screaming and fighting into an immediate Pause?

All of a sudden...complete silence. The remote would then recycle the noise and turn it into some melodic sound of Moms choosing. I know how funny this sounds, but just think back ten years ago when someone told you that one day your soda cans would be recycled into a purse, or your newspapers into a new shirt?

Hopefully you were lucky to catch some of the Earth Day specials on T.V. today. For instance, Oprah featured ways families could save over $1000. just by being energy conscious. There are no tricks, just very simple steps like replacing light bulbs, using weather strip on windows, and purchasing programmable thermostats. To get the low down make sure to visit

Ellen featured Waste Managements new recyclable kits. This is such a cool idea if you've ever wondered how to dispose of your batteries, fluorescent bulbs, computers, etc. Check it out at

Everywhere we go, people are talking about going green. The truth is that it is taking too much time to catch on. If we simply believe that every cause has an effect we may believe we can actually make a difference. Small steps now can lead to large movements. I learn a little each day, and I'm a far cry from calling myself green. Although I would settle for the title of Jade, Chartreuse, or Emerald.

Hopefully this post got you thinking. We all benefit if we all do our part.


Kathy B! said...

Couldn't agree with you more! I really try to do my part. SOmetimes it feels insignificant, but I'm counting on all the little things adding up to a big difference.

And no, you CAN NOT recycle kids. I've been trying for 11 years and it can't. be. done.

Noel said...

Earth day is a very interesting topic, I've blogged about it, but from a bit different perspective!

Jennifer said...

Yes, you did get me with that title! I read it on my reader and laughed - quietly, so as not to wake up the babe! :-)