Friday, April 3, 2009

The Four Year Checkup

Despite any hesitation we may have, every year like clockwork this time arrives. It's time for the Pediatric annual checkup. And if we're lucky enough it will consist of a series of required vaccines that will make your child's eyes pop out of their head, and have that cute little nursing assistant wishing she choose another field in college.

And that's exactly how I spent my Friday morning. There's not much one can do about this day. We just have to say our prayers and hope for the best. Well, I hoped, and I prayed. I can only guess that someone needed the Big Guy a little more than I did today.

I seriously underestimated the strength of Scooter (my four year old). I had decided not to warn him about the vaccines (Good Idea). Unfortunately, I didn't remove his shoes before he was given the vaccines (Bad Idea, who knew?) It took me, my mom and a nurse (who no doubt handed in her resignation after our appointment) to hold onto my little squirmer. As soon as he got wind that there would be shots, he went into flight mode. He even kicked off one of my shoes in the process (I have no idea.)

I can imagine the faces of the poor children in the waiting room listening to the screams that were coming from the other side of the door. We undoubtedly screwed up the profit margin. As I held onto my little one I had but just one thing running through my mind: "The doctor better have lollipops.....or heads are going to roll!"

Seriously, that is what I was thinking. Too old for a pacifier, I needed something to help me/him get through this ordeal.

Before I knew it, it was over. My shoe was on the other side of the office, pieces of hair were pulled from my ponytail, and my deodorant had been unprepared to deal with the enormous amount of perspiration running from my pits down to my wrist (God I hope that new watch I bought in Disney is waterproof).

Like every other child, Scooter pulled out of this experience just fine. Within minutes, he was asleep in the van. And Oh yes....they had lollipops!


Del or Alice Patterson said...

Very funny. My kids weren't like this. A few tears and that was all. But, I definitely remember being like this myself. I remember being chased around the office by my mother and the nurse. Couldn't stand shots then and still can't.

Kathy B! said...

My middle chile was exactly like this -- to the point of breaking the needle off of the syringe (maybe it just got disconnected?! I don't know... but it was bad) in her flailing thigh... It's amazing how strong the little buggers are.

Irishembi said...

We had twin experiences. Except mine occurred on Thursday, it was a FIVE year appointment, and we solved it with a Happy Meal.

rebel said...

Yikes! What an ordeal you and scooter went through. It's funny how much they can carry on and when it's over, it's almost like it never even happened.
Suckers do help!