Sunday, January 11, 2009

Just a Dusting

As I'm getting my younger son's lunch ready, I usually do so with the sound of the local news playing in the background. It gives me a chance to catch up with the world that lies beyond our front door.

Scooter rarely pays attention to the news nor rarely shows interest in anything that isn't animated. But let him hear that one word, yes, that word of joy, that word he's been waiting for, that simple four letter word; and suddenly the excitement that comes from within Scooter is no longer containable.

Mommies everywhere know this word. To them it is defined as a day without breaks, a day where we have to look for our car even though we know it's still parked in the driveway, a day where every towel in the linen closet will be used to keep floors dry, provide an extra place for boots, and wipe noses. Today we will plead with our husbands not to go to work, not because it's too dangerous, but because we could use a little extra help on the home front.

That word, that awesome word is SNOW!

Scooter jumped from a four foot stool at the kitchen island before the weather man had a chance to pronounce the last syllable. He was so overwhelmed with excitement that even the dog was wondering what had gotten into him. He took pride in reminding me every five minutes not to forget that it was going to snow the next day. He begged me to dig out the new snow tube Santa had bought the boys for Christmas. "You have to blow it up Mom," he pleaded. "Do it now, do it now...please!"

We picked up Potter from school together. Scooter told him the good news right away. "It's going to snow tomorrow!" Potter lit up from ear to ear. He too reminded me of my motherly duty to blow up the new snow tube.

The weatherman predicted 3 to 6 inches. Normally a snow storm would be a burden, but this one was coming on a Saturday so I didn't have to worry about school and I would have Hubby home to help me shovel.

We decided to take the kids out to dinner that night. You can guess the topic of conversation. It's so nice to have finally arrived at that age where you can take the kids out to eat and you no longer have to worry about high chairs, diaper changes, feedings etc. Although we're still working through the temper tantrum stages, we avoided those as well.

As soon as we hit home the kids continued to remind us that the snow tube still needed to blown up. As I removed it from the box I swore angels were singing. The children were mesmerized by its sight. Frankly, the smell of plastic made me a bit lightheaded, but I unfolded the snow tube for two across my lap and began the long task of blowing 20 lbs. of air from my lungs. A quarter of the way through Hubby offered to finish while I took my bath (and regained consciousness).

By the time I returned the snow tube had completely taken over my living room. Both boys were practicing the different poses they would be using once they hit the snow.

When we woke up the next morning it was flurrying, and there was a a dusting of snow covering the ground. Apparently through the night the forecast had changed and we weren't going to receive a storm after all. What the heck? How do I explain this to the kids? Someone should grab that darn weatherman by the neck!

We patiently waited a few hours until around 10am. The kids were at the window when I finally said: "O.K. everyone find your boots, it's time to go outside!" The kids began screaming. "Can we use our sled Mom," they asked?

"No, but we're going to have some fun," I said.

Believe it or not, there were no fights. In fact, they actually forgot about the sled. And boy did we have fun. We spent the time throwing snow balls, running and laughing. We ended our playtime with a cup of hot chocolate topped with marshmallow.

Well, it wasn't the big snow storm we were all hoping for; it was something much much better!


w8tn4him said...

Oh my, can I relate! The magical effects of SNOW! (a hush falls over the crowd) SNOW! LOL I get effected the same way by the magical word.....CHOCOLATE! LOL


Donna said...

How very wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! My favorite word next to chocolate is SNOW!!!! Ask any elementary child... Great article Mary