Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Arrival of "Freddy Kreuger"

As adults we've come to realize that we don't always get what we want, wish, or ask for. Case in point was this past Christmas. Dear Hubby wanted the Sony Bravia 46 inch HDTV. Every Sunday the newspaper would be thrown about in order to find the big box ads for his special wish. He watched anxiously as the economical turmoil forced these stores to continue to reduce the price on the TV. Around 10am every Sunday I was reminded just how low the price was getting. I encouraged him to wait the recession out, hoping that a liquidator may offer a better price.

The TV was no different than any other gift. It wasn't just the price that was hard to swallow. It was the fact that we would also need a new piece of furniture to accommodate this monster contraption. Additional wiring and mounting kits would also have to be purchased. Ka Ching, Ka Ching! We needed other things for the house, so unfortunately the TV was going to have to wait.

And so there we were in Atlantic City, 3 days after Christmas with our kids and my parents. The trip was planned when the casinos were gracious enough (because of the economy again) to give us a room for practically nothing. The trip was wonderful, we all had a great time, especially Hubby. No, he didn't hit the jackpot, but he made it clear as he walked into the room with a smile ear to ear that he had won enough to buy his new TV. Wonderful!

It's great to see your spouse so happy. I of course had nothing to do with this happiness, but none the less, it was nice.

Now I must bring up the next topic with extreme caution. For I'm unsure exactly how to tackle it. There is something so strange that happens to a man in the presence of electronics. They are immediately hypnotized after passing the threshold of the Sears security devices. They may ask your opinion, but let's be serious, are they really listening? Doubt it!

The entire process took over an hour (apparently this had more to do with the sale price that the register didn't recognize but the price my Hubby insisted their flyer advertised. Also the price he quoted to Wifey to seal the deal. He was not leaving without getting this price).

I filled the waiting time making wishes with the boys at the mall fountain, chugging a shared bottle of water, and sitting in a cozy Sears display watching what else? Yes, a giant screen TV.

The TV and furniture arrived about a week later. It's quite shocking how big the cardboard industry can make a box, but let me just tell you there are no limits. The unveiling took more than one man. Again, Super Mommy to the rescue. Luckily the new TV weighed only a quarter of what our old one did. The set-up brought me back to a not so long time ago as Hubby and I sat around staring at baby furniture. Despite diagrams, and a booklet filled with directions in no less than four languages, the entire process is still baffling.

It took a few hours before we finally saw our first picture on "Freddy Krueger." I use this title as a term of endearment. As a child my sister and I loved the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. Although the villain Freddy Krueger scared me half to death, he also intrigued me. So much so that I watched the entire series. Just like this new monster that has taken refuge in my living room, I find myself intrigued, but a little frightened by its power.

We have now acquired an additional 3 remotes. I'm really not above walking over to the television and changing a channel. That is until Hubby invested in the deluxe package through our cable company. After 300 clicks, the longing to find something to watch has lost its fervor.

It's Tuesday night and I'm again sitting in front of my lap top. I look over to my left. Hubby is relaxing in the recliner. His eyes are fixated on an episode of NCIS. He is enjoying his new present (even if he had to buy it for himself).

"Welcome home Freddy, Welcome Home!"


liquidambar said...

"It's great to see your spouse so happy. I of course had nothing to do with this happiness, but none the less, it was nice."


--Jenn H.

Donna said...

Oh my Mary Kathryn!! Brings back childhood memories, you and your sister!!!! such fun...Great article, I am so proud of you...You keep that man of yours happy...Football games...are even more thrilling on your new TV...gotta love that man!!

Insanity Kim said...

Wow...I can see how a TV IS like Freddy; you are tricked into a dream-like state, where you are tortured by infomercials, "The View" and local attorney advertisements. I am so glad we only have a monster computer monitor (we'll call him Hal 9000) and Netflix! :)

Make sure hubby gets up once in a while to avoid a DVT!