Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Difference Between Boulders, Rocks and Pebbles

We've all heard the saying: "She's my rock." But what does that actually mean?

The rocks in my life are my truest friends. I had five rocks (bridesmaids) in my wedding. Each one of them is precious in their own way. To me, the rock symbolizes something solid. They come in different shapes and sizes. Some roll or move to other places during your life, while others seem to be a permanent fixture in your landscape.

Boulders however, symbolize the family. For the most part, they are here to stay. It generally takes catastrophic occurrences to move boulders. At times their weight is felt by the others in the group, and it requires a little shifting of weight. Sometimes the shift is a healthy chance to air out toxins, especially for those boulders who see change as intolerant.

Lastly, pebbles are acquaintances. They sometimes graduate to rocks and even boulders but mainly stay amongst their peers. Pebbles are a necessity in life. In many instances they offer solid ground or an unbiased opinion that cannot easily be given by a rock or boulder.

So what does this have to do with anything? The way I see it, especially now more than ever, we live in a time of uncertainty. What about tomorrow? What about next week? Where will I be in a month? We spend so much time worrying that we forget about the now.

So here are your directions. Turn off your computer. Whether you hug your rock, call your boulder, or thank your pebble.....embrace the moment.

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