Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How Far Would You Go To Save Your Kids?

The current Cassie Anthony case has public opinion stirring. "Where did those parents go wrong?" "Is it really the parents fault?" "Just how far would we go for our kids?"

All these questions are legitimate. But what was shocking was an episode of the View I caught a week ago. I know I wasn't the only one who was stunned by a certain comment Joy Behar made since it was all over the Internet the following day.

I nearly froze when she stated that if she had to she would lie on the stand for her child to save her.

"Really Joy?" Just exactly what are we saving her from when such actions on your part come down to nothing short of pathetic.

I feel lucky not to be in those parents shoes. And I can't imagine the pain they are going through daily. However, if it came down to me lying on the stand in order to "save" my child; I would decline.

I don't think the definition of "saving" includes promoting dishonesty. Especially when you have spent the majority of their lives teaching the opposite.

We all make mistakes. And indeed, if my child had done something terribly wrong or brought harm to someone else; I would be there as his mother, not his advocate.

There are consequences to our decisions...sometimes good, sometimes bad. But in any event, if it were our decisions, then it must be our consequences.

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Jennifer said...

Hi Mary! It's been soooo long, I know! :-)

Hmmm, this would be a tough question to answer right now, since my son is still a wee little one and I'm still deep in the throes of "I would die for you my child!" kind of maddening love ;-) BUT, I can't imagine lying for a child (who is an adult, making poor choices!), especially when it involves KILLING an innocent human being! Eeek. Tough, tough question and moral issue to have to face. I, like you, would HATE to ever, ever, EVER be in that predicament. *sigh* Nobody wins in that situation. :-(