Tuesday, June 14, 2011

If It's Not Glued Down...It Will Be Taken!

I once wrote for my blog every two days or so. Funny how one lifestyle change can bring about so much additional change.

Case in point: I returned to my blog last week only to find my background had disappeared. Further research led me to discover the company that supplied my design had apparently gone out of business. And so, they took my design with them.

I may have received some notice, although I must have misplaced that memo.

When I quit my job, the only thing I was allowed to take with me was the shoes I walked in on. And of course, my infamous Pez collection. No one seemed to be fazed by that one since every time a good wind would blow through the office, my precious Pez's would turn into a game of domino's. Ahh, memories!!

Most companies even frown on a pencil leaving the property. But when surveyed, most workers will admit to taking more than that.

Thinking back at some of the jobs I've held over the years, the only thing I was ever interested in leaving with was my mind. Turns out, a few years later, the kids claimed that as their own as well.

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