Sunday, June 19, 2011

Filling In The Gaps (A Tribute to Daddies)

We just returned from dinner to celebrate Father's Day. It was a chance to get out with my husband and the kids, and thank him for everything he does.

We don't often speak about the "everything" that Dad's do, because let's face it, that's our role. We cook, we clean, we mend boo boo's etc. etc. Dad's get to stroll in after work, eat dinner, watch a little TV, then head to bed for some restful sleep. At many times, it seems unfair.

But as I sit and ponder about the whole picture, I realize we work well as a team. Many days, Dad's just get to fill in the gaps. But it is those gaps that could easily turn into holes if they weren't around.

I watched over the weekend as my husband ran a bath for my boys, gave chase through a crowded Chuckee Cheese, made 5 gallons of lemonade for their Alex's Lemonade benefit, combed hair and washed faces.

It's often so hard to recognize these helpful moments when you're constantly running in circles yourself. Help comes in many forms. As mother's, if we don't see a vacuum or a bottle of Pledge in their hand; if they don't smell like bleach or begin to babble after speaking "child" all day...they have failed to accomplish anything.

I'm am thankful everyday for the little things in my life. Even if I do have to wait for the weekends. I am thankful for the "gaps."

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