Monday, July 4, 2011

Pixar Cars Sequel....Disapointment

At last, the long awaited sequel to Cars had arrived. We had been talking about this day for at least a year when we saw the very first preview.

So there I was with my husband and the boys waiting in line for tickets. It was insisted that we must see the 3D version despite my apprehension of 3D movies.

See, I come from a time when I remember Jaws 3D being the "big thing." It was when 3D glasses were still made out of cardboard and weighed a mere ounce. Not these gigantic "Revenge of the Nerds" one size fits all frames they hand out to everyone, then expect back at the end of the flick (as if I have any other use for them).

I remember that darn shark exploding at the end of the movie. Every piece flew out of the screen waiting for the audience to give it a catch. It's likely the children of today would break into hysterics with what we thought at the time were "excellent" special effects.

Let me first say, I loved the first Cars movie. I loved the characters, the story, the jokes. The sequel...not so much. The story itself was a bit complex for kids (just my opinion, but a valid one). The jokes at many times were aimed at the adults; not the kids. The movie itself was a bit too long (1 hour 47 minutes). To the crying boy sitting at the opposite end of our row: "I was also crying on the inside."

Disney is generally not one to disappoint, but I have to say, that is exactly what happened this time. But wait, I'm not about to give up. Heck, it's only July 4th. Did somebody mention Smurfs the movie? Count me in!


ethelmaepotter! said...

I couldn't agree more. Over the years, I've grown to expect that sequels usually don't live up to the original, but Pixar/Disney is the exception to that rule. Toy Story? I, II, and III - all excellent. But Cars II? Nope.

Not that it was BAD, it just wasn't as good as I had expected. You make me glad I didn't fork over the extra bucks for 3D.

Jennifer said...

I have to agree with you! We took our son to watch this as his very first movie experience (on his birthday) and though he did enjoy himself, I was not as impressed as I had hoped I would be! :-( And I love the first one!

The Polka Dot Princess said...

What a SWEET blog! I found you on mommy bloggers and I am excited to read your stuff! If you get a chance to check mine out, that would be super! Thanks much and have a magical day!