Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Some Bubbly Please

Maybe it's a bit too early to have caught the Christmas Bug, but I sure got it good this year. I love shopping for others. Set aside the tons of bills that roll in come January, the bumper to bumper traffic every night, and the occasional grumpy shopper, Christmas is truly my favorite time of year.

Because I have been able to take advantage of the incredible sales that the stores are offering, I can say with great enthusiasm that my shopping is practically complete. While many of you will be fighting over parking spaces and searching for the last Talking Elmo on Christmas Eve; I will be sitting pretty in a tub of bubbles.

Why a tub of bubbles you ask? Well, it's like this. Of all the rooms in my house I can say without hesitation that my bathroom brings me the most peace of mind. It is not my vanilla candles, the soft scent of eucalyptus from my eco-friendly bathroom cleaner, or even the furry new rugs I purchased that draw me to this room. Although, they are all part of the package. But rather it is that beige hole which sits behind the bathroom door, waiting patiently for someone to fill it to the brim with a bit of bubbly. It is my bathtub.

My love for baths started very young; although I had little chance to take advantage of such a luxury while growing up. Like most homes, ours had only one bathroom. Hot water heaters weren't as forgiving in those days. You actually had to wait for it to refill before the next person went into wash. Nowadays one can simultaneously bathe, run the dishwater, and water the flowers..(Go figure). Every now and then when time warranted and all members had cleared from the home front I would take my chances at grabbing a quick dip. Luxury!

It is those few minutes in my youth that shaped how I feel about baths as a whole today. I remember when my husband and I were looking at new construction. Some of the bathrooms that we saw were so incredible. I decided at that moment, I must have this. And although our new bathroom may lack some of the latest bells and whistles, it has what I've always wanted...a large bathtub.

One need not look to far when I disappear, for I have only a short flight of stairs to climb before I arrive at my utopia. It may sound strange to those of you who have chosen the shower for years over the bathtub. But as I glance over my shoulder at those glass doors, I know I have chosen wisely.

My bathtub may lack the fancy jets, but it is handsomely decorated with a white fluffy pillow embroidered in pink letters with the words: Don't Bother Me. This pillow was given as a gift from my mother the first year we moved into our new home. She must have known how many hours I would be wracking up in that room. It's quite possible if it weren't for my fear of electrocution, I may be writing this very post from my bathtub.

I encourage those of you who have not gotten that chance to relax today to take a nice hot bath tonight. Maybe you'll be able to go over that Christmas list again, or maybe the thought of sitting in mucky water will disgust you so much you'll need to take a shower anyway to wash it off.

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