Sunday, November 23, 2008

Christmas Open House and the Case of the Missing Avatar

By the end of this week, most of you will have received your invites to our Open House. We are looking forward to seeing everyone. While some of you we see everyday, others we haven't seen in years. To those few, I must warn you, we have changed. While the normal pounds have been gained, hair dyed, redyed, fallen out, and growing in places it shouldn't; Oh you know, the regular changes.

Before writing this article I attempted, like the techie I am, to create an avatar of myself to post on my blog. After two hours, all work has come to a screeching halt. I am convinced that these websites are geared for children who were born after the Reagan years. While I believe I followed all the directions to a T, when my avatar was finally posted, it failed to bring with it the wardrobe I had chosen. As hysterical as this may sound, I am embarrassed that a cartoon likeness of myself stood on my Facebook page posing in my Birthday suit.

Needless to say I tried deleting this violation, but you know what they say: "You never really delete anything on the Internet." I don't really know who "they " are, but they're quoted a lot.

As for now I sit wondering if when someone googles my name will my naked avatar appear on the screen? If you should spot a likeness of me could you shoot me an email?

On other topics, as you may have read, we are sponsoring a family this holiday season. A sidebar will be created on my blog for all those that email their gift information to me.

Enjoy the holiday season. Give thanks for all your blessings, and I will see you all soon. That is, if you don't spot me first. (I swear, I tried to delete it!)

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