Monday, November 17, 2008

A Case of the Writer's Clog

After several hours/days in front of my keyboard with very little to no writing appearing on the screen, I've come to terms with my condition. While most writers at some time during their careers suffer from writer's block; I'll have you know that isn't my problem. I suffer from a rare form of Writer's Clog.

I coined the phrase recently after searching the web for some possible cures. While both block and clog involve a temporary inability to begin or continue writing; those that suffer from "the clog" know exactly where their story is going. In fact, if you ask someone who is suffering from "the clog" to tell you about what they are writing, they could orally recite their story from beginning to end. But hand them a pen or keyboard and BAM, "the clog" returns.

I recently read a writer's blog that suggested one way to rid yourself of writer's block was to talk to monkeys. He explained that if you talk to a stuffed animal or cardboard cutout about what you're really trying to say; you're thoughts will eventually turn into writing. While although very hysterical, be cautious fellow cloggers. Talking to monkeys (real or stuffed) can lead to problems this blog is not ready to discuss.

I became hopeful this past weekend when my Y.A. novel which has been sitting at 14,000 words for the last month actually grew in size to 14,302 words. Excuse me, I mean 14,303 words. After editing I realized I had forgotten a preposition. (Every word counts!) Just as I was creeping up on 14,304 words I again felt it coming on. The clog had returned with a vengeance. It took a grip sometime around 3pm Sunday afternoon. I can't say what brought it on, but it seems to want to stick around again. Maybe it missed me since it had such a strong grip just the day before. Yeah, sure I'll start talking to monkeys. Right after I get this one off my back.

As I sit on my couch typing these final lines I take a look over my blog. Had I not been suffering from this terrible ailment, the words I write now could actually be included in my word count. As usual I will press on and search for inspiration from all outlets. Until then, I'll probably just sit down with my son and watch an episode of Curious George.

If you're interested in reading about more remedies for writers block according to the blog I referred to above, please follow this link:

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