Saturday, December 25, 2010

If Only I Asked for a Shovel

I usually wouldn't think about writing during a holiday. But after my husband decided to view Despicable Me with the family; I called it a night. And although it's only 6:30 Eastern Time, I'm winding down at the speed of light.

The children decided to check if Santa arrived at 6:20 am. And while the excitement of Christmas is overwhelming, I have hit the age where I finally understand why coffee is considered a remarkable drug.

The first 2 hours of the morning were spent unwrapping presents, catching that perfect picture on a camera that refuses to flash until our child has already left the room, sipping cold coffee, and reading directions in 4 different languages and hoping one will help you get that toy together. Ahhh, Christmas!!!

All in all, things were perfect. And nothing beats a day together with the family. Unless of course you find out from the National Weather Station that a snow blizzard is heading your way tomorrow. Now that's fantastic!

Actually, you got to love it when the weather station tells you you're going to get anywhere between 7 and 12 inches of snow with 30 mile an hour winds. You look around and realize that Santa remembered everything but snow boots for the kids. Talk about practical. Not to worry. I'm sure we can dig out with the new Nintendo DS's. Or shall I say: "We'll be digging out while the kids play their Nintendo DS'S. Can't Wait.

Well, I hope everyone out there had a wonderful Christmas. And if you live in PA.......Happy Digging!

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