Sunday, November 28, 2010

Why I Love Black Friday!!

To my loyal readers I must apologize. I haven't written in a month. Not because I haven't thought of you all, but rather, I have been training for the big day. Black Friday that is.

And while training may have begun the day after Halloween, the day came and went quicker than expected.

Coupons and store maps in hand, the alarm rung at 3am. And off I headed into uncharted territory. Not really, but it sounded like a good beginning for a story.

Actually, as tradition would have it, I brought my Mother along and my running shoes (equally as important that day).

I would advise anyone who takes on this adventure to have a plan. Start with a list of people to buy for. Decide on the perfect gifts. Search flyers. Investigate opening times. Check bank balances (one can easily get carried away, i.e.- "It wasn't my fault. The purple sweater whispered to me").

And while I may be the topic of jokes in my family ("I heard Mary was at the Mall before Last Call was even served.") My madness has served me well. For the simple task of waking up before the roosters; I have managed to save thousands of dollars....No Joke!
And what have I done with all my new found fortunes you ask? Well, I bought a brand new pair of running shoes.
Enjoy Training:

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