Thursday, April 8, 2010

Warning: Do Not Decorate the Rose Bush!

Well, let's just say I've had better ideas when it comes to decorating.

Last week before Easter the kids begged me to decorate the outside with some hanging eggs. I had made the eggs the year before by just hot gluing some ribbon on the tip of some plastic eggs and tying a bow (that is the extent of my creative endeavors).

So we headed outside, and before long I realized that the only bushes the children could reach to decorate were the rose bushes.

It wasn't like I condoned them doing this, but they both promised they wouldn't go near the "prickly things." And like most boys, decorating consisted of a good toss into a tree. No careful positioning needed. And for good measure (or just to add a little frustration to Mommy's day) they both decided to toss eggs into the larger trees. God bless the bird that finds that nugget in his nest when he returns.

And so yesterday I decided it was time to take down the Easter decorations. I began outside with the eggs...."What was I thinking?"

I could have just as easily decorated barbed wire for the children.

It's one thing to play ring toss with some eggs and hope they land inside a rose bush. It's another to try and collect those things without causing bodily injury.

And after what seemed like the longest fifteen minutes of my life. The undecorating (Is that such a thing?) was complete.

Indeed I appeared to have been mawed by a bear. But with eggs in hand I knew the worst part was over. Anything left would have to rely on the wind to blow them out. There was no way I was reaching into those bushes again.

Like I said, I've had better ideas when it comes to decorating. I've learned that being Super Mommy could have easily equated to a trip to Chuckee Cheese. Well, better luck next year.

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