Monday, December 15, 2008

New Year New Look

Hi All,

To all my frequent readers, you may have noticed some changes occurring on my blog. Yes, the look has changed but it is still the same Mommy typing her heart out on the other end. Let me know what you think. If you can offer any suggestions, or think there is something I can add, please leave me a note. Us Mommies are incredibly busy these days and rely on one another for support.

As for my own look, I can only reveal that there is nothing new to get excited about. I have been so busy with the holidays that there has been little time to do much else. Case in point: I was organizing my closet, putting away the laundry, and cleaning my shower all while a glob of hair dye sat on my head. Normally, I would not recommend such behavior, but in a world where 24 hours often feels like 24 minutes, sometimes you're forced into such situations.

For now, I will close letting all know that this Mommy will be getting a quiet shower since her Hubby is home helping her today. Ahhh!

Tune in next post when Mommy Maestro remembers to deodorize under both arms before beginning her morning car pool.

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