Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When I grow Up I Want to be a Rock Star!

Did you ever have one of those days where you're watching your children play, and you begin to fantasize about what they will become when they grow up? It's as if they give clues.

Take for instance this morning. My boys insisted on putting on a rock band show for me before school. They each held two play bowling pins in their hands which acted as their drum sticks. Two Matchbox Car collector boxes were used as drums.

I sat in awe as the boys banged away. Suddenly my mind drifted, and both boys were wearing "Kiss" makeup. I pictured the older one in a suit of armor yelling into a microphone. While the younger one sat behind a drum set. A "Mom" tattoo strategically drawn on his upper arm.

Oh Dear!

Back to reality. I realized my boys were still banging away at their toys. No makeup, no high hair, no bright lights. Just the sweetness of two boys trying to entertain their Mommy.

I took that opportunity to ask the burning question: "What do you boys want to be when you grow up?"

"We want to be rock stars." They replied.

Just when you think you dodged a bullet; those wonderful beings of yours learn to reload.


Eva Gallant said...

I love it! They are obviously creative!

Shannon said...

Funny! Now ask them again in a few days. I'd be willing to be money I don't have that it will change. Found you through ThetaMom. Great blog!

ethelmaepotter! said...

Oh, this brings back memories. Worry not, Mommy.

My son began playing drums at age five, and he was SERIOUS. Muppet Babies drum set led to a real junior sized drum set, then a real full sized set. He marched in band all the way through school and college, formed his own high school band, and then college rock band. They have a couple of songs that get airplay in West Tennessee. But you would never, EVER know by looking at him that he's the drummer in a rock band: short hair, clean cut, nice clothes, doesn't smoke, do drugs, or drink even beer - his day job? Band director at a Christian school!