Friday, May 28, 2010

Hanging Up My Yard Sale Hat

Last week was our community Yard Sale. I always have so much fun on this day. It's a way to get the house clean, socialize, and maybe if you're lucky, make a few bucks.

But, as with any event, there is a lot of preparation needed. I always find myself at the last minute trying to affix tiny price stickers to every item. (Those same stickers are the ones that don't want to cooperate once they hit the heat). Despite all my hard work, I end up selling things for $1.00. And like the optimist I am, I have to keep in mind: "It's a dollar I didn't have a minute ago."

So there I am standing over my table of treasures. I have to wonder how I accumulated all this stuff. Among it sits a large bowl filled with chocolate chip cookies. I sell small batches of these fresh baked cookies every year for $1.00. And like clockwork, the bowl is just about empty at the close of the sale.

So while I spent the week price tagging salt and pepper shakers, Halloween costumes, baby monitors and exercise equipment; I realized where I had gone wrong all these years. There may be a few people out there that love to buy your old junk, but there are a lot more who enjoy buying cookies.

The truth is, it was actually Hubby that brought it to my attention. If it weren't for him, I probably would have kept doing things like I always have. When I bring up a flea market that I was interested in, he suggest that I use the event to launch my cookie business. Funny thing is, I don't have a cookie business. "Oh, I get it." I say.

Sometimes it takes a little while to sink in, but eventually I catch up. After seven years, it's finally time to hang up my Yard Sale Hat. Now, if I only owned a baker's cap. I think I need to find a Yard Sale!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

"Lost" Lost Me at Hello

Sunday nights are generally not too bad for TV. My kids love the ever so popular Americas Funniest Home Videos. I love 60 minutes, but like most people, I tune in just to see the ever so popular antics of Andy Rooney.

For a while, Hubby enjoyed tuning into the Amazing Race. I enjoyed the premise of the show, but the drama that some of the couples chose to bring along; I could honestly do without.

For me, 9 o clock was always worth the wait since it brought the arrival of my favorite housewives. Just when you think the stresses in your life are overwhelming, along comes one of those beauties from Wisteria lane to remind you just how great you have have it.

So as Sunday was coming to a close, I checked the TV lineup. What a disappointment. Since the Amazing Race and Desperate Housewives had come to a close, I guess I was hoping for the network executives to put something just as entertaining in their place....NOT!

To make matters worse, I'm the only one who was not tuned into the whole "Lost" phenomenon. But let me explain: I too was excited when it first aired. Let's face it, the first episode where the passengers were being sucked out of the airplane was amazing. I guess it was somewhere around the time they introduced the black cloud that I lost interest (First season maybe). I don't know, call it deja vue or something, but wasn't the whole concept of passengers getting stuck on an island already done before.....Gilligan's Island?

So now I have to sit and watch a tribute to Brooks and Dunn. Another disappointment. Apparently after 20 some years together, they've decided to call it quits. You must be kidding! Does anyone believe in counseling anymore. Couldn't they have talked this out a bit longer and realized what a big mistake they're making. I have no words.

Let us not forget Celebrity Apprentice. Since it's not over until 11, I'll have to wait till the morning to find out the winner. Why am I feeling that Bret Michaels will be crowned?

Here's hoping Sunday night television picks up again for the summer. Well, I guess there's always blogging. I may even get a chance to finish a book. If all else fails, I may actually get some sleep. Or I could just keep watching, and be put to sleep naturally.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

When All Else Fails...Use a Safety Pin!

I do not sew. I do not want to learn. I have no passion to make my own clothes or give my creations to friends for special celebrations.

I admire those who can. Funny thing is: my husband is one of them. Apparently that is one of the patches he earned in Boy Scouts. Just a side note: I was in Girl Scouts and my patch was for the tin foil oven I built at camp. I unfortunately did not retain that skill, so you're sure to find me starving if I ever get lost in the woods. You're likely to also find holes in my clothes since I may have mentioned, I do not sew.

This leads us to the other day when Scooter, my younger son finally decided to take on Karate. Since we were all unsure how long this passion would last, the Sensei thought it would be wise to borrow a uniform until we were absolutely sure Scooter was serious.

I refuse to complain about anything that is given to me for free and with kindness. However, one look at Scooter, and you can tell, he is not very tall. Unfortunately, the only pair of pants they had to spare were definitely made for a taller kid.

Did I mention that I don't sew?

And this is where Mother's intuition along with invention comes into play. I went into the trusty sewing box (which belongs to Hubby) and found a few safety pins. And like magic, the pants were fixed. Well actually, they had kind of a hobo look to them. Each pant leg was rolled about five times. Then these giant safety pins were poking out from the sides. The only thing my child was missing was a bottle wrapped in a paper bag.

It was a good fix for the night, but it looks like I will be buying a new uniform this week. Right after Scooter ran off the mat crying, I knew he had been injured by my make shift sewing project. "Something poked me," he shouted.

Suddenly I felt all those parents looking at me wondering: "What's wrong with you lady?" "Don't you know how to sew?"

Well ladies, I may not know how to sew, but I can make a kick ass cake in an Easy Bake Oven.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Perfect Gift

Who hasn't ever ran out of ideas when it comes to gift giving? Even when we think we've come up with an idea; where do we begin to shop? Do we run around the mall and do our best at comparing prices? Or do we just use a search engine and cross our fingers? Wouldn't it be nice if all the hard work was done for us? Now it can be.

Recently I came upon the site I was searching for a new watch. While I had a few specifications such as price and color, I needed help with narrowing my choices. gave me exactly what I needed. I was able to set my exact price range along with my desired color and brand. What originally began as a huge search came down to just a handful of choices. Because I was able to comparison shop with ease, I found I spent much less than expected.

So I did what any responsible gal would do... I continued shopping. was also able to help me find a new pair of earrings. Sure, I could have wandered through the mall. But I already did that, and I came up empty handed. Once again I was able to enter exactly what I was looking for. And let me just say how happy I am.

If you're short on time like most of us are, why not stop by for all your gift giving needs? It's like having your own personal shopper along for the ride.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sharing My Pool...Is For The Birds!

Could someone please tell me where in my contract did it mention that I would have to share my pool? After signing on the line, I thought I was free and clear. I mean it is in my back yard. It is properly fenced. Last time I checked, it's my address that's on the house it sits behind. Yet, I continue to get visitors....unwanted visitors!

Take for instance Mr. Duck who mistakes our pool for his own personal launching pad. Not to mention a Day Spa as well.

Mr. Duck stops by every year. Occasionally I will have just awoken, only to find Mr. Duck perusing the waves. Sometimes he stops by for just a few minutes. Other days, he stays a bit longer. But don't get me wrong. The last thing Mr. Duck wants is to be bothered....As If! Once I enter the back yard, Mr. Duck is on his way. Mr. Duck is shy and refuses to engage in any conversation with those who are not wearing feathers.

Next I must mention Mr. Frog. Or shall I say, the entire Frog Family (cousins and all). The Frog Family must have done cartwheels when then found out there was a pool going in at the Brennan Ranch. For as soon as we installed the pool, the Frog Family jumped in immediately to do their morning laps. Unfortunately, while the Frog Family may have admired the ease of entering the pool, they failed to realize there was no exit. Once in the pool, the Frog members had to await a member of the Brennan family to rescue them with a net before they reached exhaustion. While our success rate may be higher than our failure rate, I have to admit that more than a few Frog members just didn't make it. A special place in the Brennan Garden has been dedicated to them.

Lastly, there are the birds. Those damn birds. When I look out from my window at my backyard I see an oasis. A place to retreat to during those hot days. A gazebo to relax under and enjoy conversation. A barbecue to enjoy good meals. And a swing set where the kids play for hours.

What I didn't realize is what my pool may look like to others. Or for that matter, what it may look like from the sky. Apparently, for our winged friends it looks like a giant bird bath. I have afforded these creatures a chance for a break. A truck stop if you will. A chance to free themselves of pollutants, and whatever else may collect in those feathers during long flights.

While sharing my pool with wildlife may not have been part of my plan, it sure appears that it will stay that way with or without my approval. And until I decide to screen in my entire backyard I will just have face the facts: This pool thing is "For The Birds!"

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What Being a Mom Has Taught Me!

In only two months, I will have been a Mother for seven years. Hard to believe it's been that long already. For many of you out there, it's been much longer than that.

It's funny how in just that short amount of time, how much one can learn. Here are some of my favorite highlights:

1) No matter how much you spend on a toy. Your three year old would prefer to play with the box instead.

2) Children will run a high fever all day, but will wait until you're dead asleep to vomit all over their bed sheets.

3) Before I had children I took hot showers for granted. Now I just hope for a hot shower.

4) Great Mother's feed their children fruit. The rest of us think the man who created Pop Tarts is a genius.

5) Tornadoes are covered by insurance. Tantrums aren't.

6) No matter how far you force your body into the dryer; the vortex that stole your sock will also one day steal your child's favorite toy, the last drop of milk, your car keys and your mind.

7) No matter what you may think of her; the best babysitter for your children will always be your mother.

8) A half hour of cartoons does the soul good.

9) Prefer whine over wine once in a while. Some things can't be preserved.

10) The best presents you will receive for Mother's Day are the ones without wrapping.

May you all have a Blessed Mother's Day!