Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thirty Six Wishes

In less than 24 hours I will be another year older. The thing I noticed about turning 36 is that it really isn't significant. Don't believe me? Check out any birthday card kiosk. It is there that you will find a card for 35 and 40. But if you are a little off the beaten path...let's say 36, Forget It!

So in honor of all that is wrong with this age, I decided to keep with trends and make 36 wishes. I mean why should I only get one. It's really unfair to the other 35 candles that lined up to celebrate as well.

Hold on to your hats ladies. After you're done reading this list, you'll wish you were 36 today too.

I wish for:

1) World Peace (This is strictly a default answer for when it's time to go to my final resting place, and God wants to know why I was so greedy on my 36th Birthday).

2) A visit from Manola Blahnik stating he has the perfect size 11 shoe just for me.

3) Soft toilet paper in Mall bathrooms (face it, the urge only happens when our arms are loaded with clothes).

4) Clothes Dryers with a self-folding option. (My oven has a self cleaning option..what gives?)

5) Meet Oprah Winfrey.

6) Road construction that is performed between midnight and 4 am. (Let's face it, they're never going to finish anyway. What's a few less hours on the job?)

7) A grocery cart where all 4 wheels work.

8) A dozen roses for that guy who cut me off the other day. (Judging by his middle finger, his day was worse than mine).

9) A Fast Line at the grocery store that actually deserves the name.

10) A Personal Chef, or at least someone with enough patience that could show me how to cook. ("Paging Rachel Ray. Attention, Mrs. Ray.")

11) A Christmas List from my children that does not require a second mortgage.

12) A beautiful sunset, and time to watch it.

13) More "great" teachers.

14) Less rudeness.

15) More kindness.

16) A world where it's safe to let our children run outside.

17) A cup of hot cocoa (with fluff of course).

18) Schools with adequate budgets. (Where did your tax money go this year?)

19) Politicians who care just as much about this country as my grandparents did.

20) The right to speak one's mind- even if it isn't always "politically correct."

21) A comfortable pair of sneakers.

22) A car that rides like a Cadillac but requires the payment of a Kia.

23) A hot air balloon ride.

24) A third arm. (If you're a Mom; you understand).

25) A family portrait.

26) Curiosity.

27) Good health.

28) A warm bath.

29) A piece of delicious chocolate, with the calories of a tic tac.

30) A smaller butt.

31) Wisdom. (To understand only exercise will assist Wish #30)

32) A share in Apple Stock. (Dear Mr. Gates, I've been real good this year...)

33) The ability to be present in every moment.

34) Be a good friend, a good wife, a great Mom.

35) Pay it Forward.

36) Be grateful. Even if I only get one wish on my list, I am still the luckiest woman I know.

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Samantha said...

Haha, what a great list. A few of them made me laugh out loud!

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!