Monday, September 13, 2010

It's Yard Sale Time Again

This Saturday is our annual borough wide yard sale. And already I am finding myself overwhelmed. Unlike past years, I don't have the extra time to go through as much "stuff" as I was hoping to.

I still find it funny just how much junk ends up on my front lawn every year. No matter how well I did during the year at keeping clutter to a minimum, I'm still able to showcase a good amount of crap.

One neighbor actually asked me "Where does it all come from?" I was stunned. I was under the impression that anyone could have these sales. I didn't think twice last year when things like a Pilate's machine, ladder, and Halloween costumes were sprawled across my driveway. The hundreds of strangers that showed up, didn't seem to mind either.

So what's in store this year? Well, since we repainted the kids rooms this year, there will be lots of accessories to find. There will be the normal kids clothes that go quickly for just 50 cents a piece. And if you're looking for a beautiful patio table; stop on by. See, the measurements for the new gazebo we purchased didn't exactly allow for the table. So needless to say, that too will be on the lawn this weekend.

Oh, and let us not forget the cookies. It's the yard sale where our cookie company first got its start. For only $2. you can get a bag of delicious gourmet cookies. The kids will be manning their first lemonade stand, so if you're in the neighborhood, stop on by.

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