Monday, June 29, 2009

If God Wanted Something In That Hole; He Would Have Put It There Himself!

I am in awe over just how the male brain works. I guess if you ask one of them, they would probably give a similar answer about us females.

I am the proud mother of two little boys. Some days there are struggles, while other days go by like a breeze. No matter how the day is going, I have picked up a common theme. When a man finds a hole, there is a need to put something in it. As most of you have figured out by now this urge travels right into adulthood. Hence, the reason I now have two sons.

I recently took a trip into Potter's (the older son) room. I was asked if I could help him retrieve some Legos. Not a problem I thought. Then I was shown the point of origin. See Potter's bed was once a bunk bed, so there are now four post where the other bed fit on top. Inside the four post are four holes where the top bunk was attached. Guess where the Legos were?

Crammed deep inside a hole no bigger than the size of two fingers were a collection of red and blue Lego pieces. Next to the hole sat my little guy with that look of "My Mommy can do anything." Despite pulling out every tool known to man, I couldn't budge these Legos. While Potter was a little sad, he recovered quickly after finding another hole in our dining room.

Meanwhile, today while Scooter was in the playground, guess what he found? That's right, another hole. Not just one hole, but four holes. The holes were basically the size of half dollars. They are used for drainage on the play set when it rains. Apparently in a moment of genius he decided to cork the holes in an effort to create a mini spa on top of his play set. He removed the plastic spikes from the ground which are used to hold the tarp over their sandbox. Despite knowing he is not allowed to play with any type of spike, again, his need to fill a hole must have been much greater than his fear of his mother.

And even though those spikes were inserted with child like strength, they were not budging very easily. A trip to the garage allowed me to find the perfect tool. Two minutes later I returned with a metal putty knife....(don't ask).

A mother has the ability to turn any tool into a hammer. And believe you me, that's exactly what I did. With a little bit of strategy, I forced my 5 foot 8 inch frame into the 2 foot high kid fort. What next you ask? Well, shortly before losing consciousness, I banged the hell out of those stakes. And with a little help from Potter I finally removed the stakes from the holes. I would like to say that it was a magical moment. But that actually came after I removed my over sized Alice in Wonderland body from the "Play set of Terror."

As I've demonstrated, not every holey situation turns out the way we would like. My boys and I had a small pow-wow after this last catastrophe. It went a little like this:

"When one discovers a hole, whether in our home, in our yard, in our vehicle, or otherwise in this hemisphere, we will do our best to ignore the urge to stuff, wedge, thrust, drive, jam, pack, (or any other word which comes close to meaning destroy) any item, whether old or new, into a deep point of no-return. Because my children, when God makes a hole, it is his job, I repeat, his job to fill it!!!!!"

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yep, You Heard Me, I'm Building An Ark!

I was so excited for summer. Swimming, gardening, biking with the kids, picnics; I love it all. But my plans have been on pause these past few weeks. Why you ask? Well, it's been raining cats and dogs on and off for practically the entire month of June.

I have literally spent the last three weeks either in a house, a car, under an umbrella, a tree, an awning, wrapped in a rain coat, a newspaper, or running for my life between lightning strikes and 60 mile an hour winds. Yikes!

What a way to begin one of the most exciting times of the year. I look out my window into my backyard to see a pool that has been used only three times this season. The third time was actually this afternoon. The clouds parted just enough to allow the sun to finally warm the water above 70 degrees. The kids were overjoyed to play in water that didn't come from a puddle, a raincloud, or wasn't referred to as a "bath."

There is an upside to all of this rain: We haven't had to water the flowers or fill the pool. Of course the downside to those two upsides are a fungus caused by all the rainwater is slowly killing my rose bushes, and the rain has left the pool ten degrees colder than usual....BLAH!

I once considered myself a creative person, but I am finally running out of ideas for the kids. We've done coloring, reading, arts and crafts, movies, and Wii Fit. But I hit the jackpot when I had children. They love to be outside.

It's all my fault! I've trained them not to waste their day in front of a television or video games. This seemed to be a wonderful idea until this monsoon blew in. I have been made to stock up on Windex. On the outside of the windows I wipe away rain drops, on the inside I wash away the small hand prints that are eager to be buried in a sandbox.

Tomorrow's forecast? That's right, you guessed it, it's going to rain. So what plans do I have? Well, for now, it looks like I will be building an ark. I'll be breaking some of the rules though because I'm really not an animal lover. So anything with more than two legs needing a ride will have to wait for that guy with the long beard.

Looks like we're headed outside tomorrow. Oooooh kiddies!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hero of the Week

The Hero of the Week column began about a month ago after I became frustrated with the nightly news. I thought it was time to give more recognition to those who change the world instead of those who try to destroy it. With that said, my Hero of the Week goes to Doctor Jonathan A. Roth.

Yesterday morning was spent at St. Christopher's Hospital in Philadelphia. Our little guy, Scooter was scheduled for out-patient surgery. Although this was not a complicated surgery, there is still some state of fear that you go through as a parent when your child is put in someone else's care.

The paper work, the tears, the minutes that feel like hours until your child is back in your arms. It was a rough morning for the whole family.

As we sat in the waiting room, we watched as doctors approached parents to give them the news that their child was doing fine and that a nurse would be out to get them soon.

Finally at 10:30 am (we had already been up for 5 hours) Dr. Roth emerged from behind the doors. But unlike the other doctors who took a seat right in the waiting room, our doctor pointed us to outside. My heart sank. Only bad news is given in hallways. What had happened? Where's my son?

Once the door closed behind us, Dr. Roth smiled: "He did great," he said.

He continued in this kind manner until he finished giving us directions. My husband and I thanked him and returned to our seats in the waiting room.

Here I was getting all worked up when in actuality what I had just experienced was an act of kindness. For a small moment, Dr. Roth went out of his way to bring us comfort. He took the time to step into our shoes and give some reassurance when it was needed.

For that reason Dr. Roth, you have been chosen my Hero of the Week.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Hero of the Week

As you know I started this column a few weeks back in response to the continuous violence that we witness on our nightly news. I thought it was time instead to report about the people who make an impact everyday; the people who don't wait for a pat on the back, a thank you, or even a "nice going." It is those values that make them hero's and worthy of a spot on Mommy Maestro's blog.

I had mentioned earlier that there may be weeks when this column is not published. Despite my efforts, I do fall behind on current events from time to time. This week was a perfect example. But alas, it struck me while having a conversation with my Mom. So in light of Father's Day, I'm nominating my Step-Dad Alex Bongart for my Hero of the Week.

Some people don't like the term Step. They look at it as some demotion. No matter how hard they try, they will never be your biological anything. I on the other hand use it with great pleasure when I speak of Alex, because to me, he stepped-up to the challenge.

Alex didn't come into my life until my Senior year of high school. I was pretty much set in my ways by then. Who would have guessed the impact he would make in my life.

When I first met him, he smoked a pipe filled with Cherry tobacco. I'm not a fan of smokers, but there was something sweet about that scent. He also had honest eyes. I told my Mom that he was a keeper, and around 4 years later, they were married.

I think this man has a multitude of goodness within him. Not only did he purchase my prom gown for me when my mom could not afford one, he actually helped me pick one out. He was there for all my graduations, and along with my brother; he walked me down the isle on my wedding day. When he got the news that I was going into labor 2 and a half months early, he left his job, stood at my bedside and tried to assure me everything would be all right.

Everything was all right. Today I have two lovely boys. Each are affectionately known as "Pop-Pop's Little Buddies." They cherish him just as much as I do.

Alex can always be counted on for an extra hand. When we purchased our pool, it was Alex who volunteered to help my husband build our patio. As I look around my property, I am reminded of the many projects that had Alex's signature on it at some point.

I will be forever grateful that Alex found his way into my Mom's life and into our families hearts.

I hope you are all as lucky as I am. Be sure to wish your own father's Happy Father's Day this weekend.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everyone Needs to Shoot for a Goal (The Deer Above Your Mantel Does Not Count)

In three months, I will be alone. I'm referring to the fact that Scooter will finally be entering Pre-K, and Potter will be off to begin at a new school. This whole change has me excited, if not a little worrisome. Once upon a time I found silence golden. Nowadays, when things get too silent I go into Bionic Mommy Mode wondering what part of my house is being destroyed, and will Home Owners keep their half of the bargain.

Seven years ago when Hubby and I were looking at new construction, we seriously considered building a log cabin. It was something I had wanted since I was a little girl. Not long after receiving that packet from the log company did I see my dream go up in smoke. Just transporting the logs to the site was incredibly expensive. We decided then that we would save the log cabin dream as a vacation home someday.

Well, like most dreams, once you have children, you find that your money is needed for more important things. This is O.K. by me. Clearly, I decided to become a parent, and I want to be the best there is. However, I think having your own dreams is also healthy. Not just for you, but for your children too.

So here is what I've decided to do. Every penny I earn from writing is now going toward a dream. The dream is to start building that log cabin in five years. One may ask how I plan to do this since my Adsense account balance is only $1.31. Well folks, I'm a dreamer. I believe in possibilities, so therefore I will keep writing. This new endeavor has me quite excited, if not a little delirious. What will I write about? Should I stick to the everyday stuff that I've been writing or should I go for the "shock factor?" If you ask me, just waking up some days is quite shocking. Just the other day I found a Lego man in my sneaker. It seems that I don't have to go too far for inspiration. The children supply it in buckets.

Since I've been in this current dream state of mine, I recently pulled out the Bucket List book. (Yes, there's a book). I began a list in college of all the things I wanted to accomplish during my life. Surprisingly, I've been able to complete more than a few.

So there I was looking over the list when I noticed the next dream was to "take a ride in a race car." I know it sounds a little corny, but here's the deal. I once wanted to become a race car driver (helmet and all). As the years went by I realized I would probably miss my chance. So I did a little research. It just so happens that in a few weeks the family and I are headed to the Poconos for a vacation. Again, it just so happens that a few miles from our vacation home is the Pocono Downs Speedway. And oh yes, Nascar just so happens to run racing adventures for the day. Need I say any more?

After I finish this post, I'm headed directly to my purse to retrieve my credit card. It's time to live the dream. Ladies and gentlemen: "Start Your Engines!"

Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Official, Jimmy Hoffa is Buried in My Garage!

It may have taken seven years, but yes, our garage is finally being cleaned. I don't mean the yearly cleaning that one does to get rid of all the old stuff that has accumulated. I mean a down and out grudge match with the junk.

I walked in my garage about a month ago (I rarely go in much further than an arm's length to reach the kids bicycles). I was in awe by the mess. I say this with complete embarrassment, since I consider myself to be incredibly organized. It is however a trait that I do not share with Hubby.

When I met Hubby, I realized from the beginning that there may be serious problems down the line when it came to agreeing what must be thrown out, and what may stay around another year to collect yet more dust.

I'm not one for saving, storing, or hoarding. If I'm not using it, I probably never will. I am the queen of hosting yard sales, but you will never see me shopping one. Who needs all that junk? Not me!

My husband on the other hand suffers from Rainy Day Syndrome. He believes everything has it's time, even if it's ten years down the line. This includes everything from the extra molding when we finished our basement to the old microwave from our first home.

I thought I knew before I entered the garage what I may be dealing with. I was wrong. Apparently as the years have past, my Hubby's need to hold on to junk has gone into overdrive. Maybe out of consideration, I really shouldn't label anything junk. Let's face it, at one time, it made someone happy. But as I walked through the stacks of empty boxes, the hundreds of tools that were bought for that one project then discarded like old sneakers, a ripped solar cover, and the 50 gallons of paint we kept for that touch-up that never happened; I came to the realization that this wasn't making anyone happy.

Somewhere in my mind I was under the impression that a garage was a place reserved for parking your car. I would need super human powers to think I could park a car in my garage. Honestly, a Matchbox would even have problems finding space. In seven years, I've only parked my car in the garage once. We were expecting a big snow storm, so to avoid clearing off the car the next morning, I simply drove it into the garage. (This was obviously before things began accumulating). So, the snow storm came and went (2 feet that time). The next morning I went to the garage to retrieve my car for work. There was only one problem: I couldn't get the door open. I pulled, I pushed, I kicked, but it never opened. I think in some way that was my first sign. What goes into that garage, rarely leaves.

So there I was going through the mess. It's amazing the things that one will find, if only they look. I have since put many of these things at the curb for trash pick up tomorrow morning. However, if you hurry, you may be the lucky new owner of:

1) Half a case of Corona (left from my graduation party 2 yrs. ago)

2) An opened pack of swimmy diapers (size small)

3)Mosquito curtains for the gazebo (minus one. Hubby ran it over with the lawn mower).

4)Jimmy Hoffa's tombstone

5) A ceiling fan motor (sorry, no blades).

6)The Nixon tapes

7)A license plate (car not included).

If any of these items look like something you can't live without, please call the number at the bottom of your screen. Times a wasting, so hurry before you miss your chance. Call within the next 10 minutes, and you get every item on the list!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

If You're In the Market for a Digital Camera: Read This First!

As a blogger, there are a few necessities that need to be at your disposal everyday: a good story, a computer of course, and a reliable digital camera.

I was recently in the market for a new camera, and the amount of time I spent on research was beyond ridiculous. If I had only known about, I could have let someone else do all the hard work for me. is a website dedicated to people who know what they want, but due to their schedule, they struggle with finding the adequate time needed to do the proper research. (Sound familiar anyone?) As a result, they come home with a less than satisfactory product. Currently, is focused solely on digital cameras.

Let us say, you're in the market for a Canon Digital Camera. The website will display all Canon digital cameras available but will do so by breaking the information into many helpful categories such as: best compact, cheap, and best for travel photos. Just to name a few.

What if in the past you've had very good luck with Sony products? So, you've already decided that when it's time, you'll also purchase a Sony digital camera. On top of that you know you want something that's small and under $250? Once you're on the Sony page, simply make the correct selections from the size and price columns. Only recommendations fitting your criteria will be displayed. It's that easy.

After I purchased my camera, my husband looked a little less than thrilled that I had a new toy and he didn't. With Father's Day coming up, it was time to put this website to the test. I knew my husband was looking at Nikon Digital cameras. I selected the travel category since he takes most of his pictures while on the road. I also chose to only view models under $300. I received three recommendations.

Some of my favorite features about are that it doesn't overload you with pages and pages of useless information. The more you know about what you want, the better a search it can perform. In addition, you won't just get a picture of the product. You'll receive a description, customer reviews, specifications and an option to buy.

If you're in the market for a digital camera, is definitely the place to begin.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hero Of the Week

I began this column last week as a way to tribute deserving individuals for going above the call of duty. While watching the nightly news, I became disturbed when I came to the realization that every story they ran that night involved violence, suffering or worse. While the story of this weeks hero involves violence; his heroic actions were selfless and should be commended.

The person I chose for Mommy Maestro's Hero of the Week is Stephen Tyrone Johns. Johns was the security guard who was fatally shot this week at The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington D.C. In an ironic twist, he actually thought the shooter needed help getting through the door, so he held it for him just before being shot to death.

Since the purpose of this column is to talk about the greater spirit of people (in this case Mr. Johns), I will not speak any more of the shooter or his views.

While the story is disturbing, it comes with a valuable lesson. It may be a bit cliche, but let's face it: life is short. There is no way of knowing when we walk out that door in the morning if we are are going to return at night. There is no way of knowing that the kiss we left on our child's forehead will be our last. There is no way of knowing if our actions today will leave lasting impressions for years to come.

Mr. John's left behind an 11year old son. He was quoted as saying: "He was always there for me when I was down or sad."

Thank you Mr. John's for leaving a lasting impression on us all.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

R&S Avenue (Cool Children's Clothes)

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So what are you waiting for? Looking for a bit of rock and roll to add to your child’s closet? You’ve just found it with R&S Avenue.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Size Really Does Matter

Sometimes we learn from our mistakes, and sometimes, like this past weekend, we repeat them. And of course, the one I chose to repeat was the same exact one that caused the only fight my husband and I ever had. Sure, we argue like every other couple, but this was a little different. It really comes down to me insisting that I was right, and no matter how many times I was told, I wouldn't listen.

It was Christmas 2000. We stood in Sears picking out our first Christmas tree. I came prepared with all necessary measurements. In no time I had found the perfect tree. Hubby liked it, but warned me it wouldn't fit.

"Wouldn't fit," I thought. I have the sheet right here. "Sure it will fit."

So like the loving husband he is, I got to take that tree home. And like the loving husband he is, he didn't immediately scream when the branches wouldn't unfold. Instead, he lovingly changed the original plans and moved the tree to the dining room.

See, when I took the measurements, I mistakenly measured height only, and I forgot to measure the width. I know how stupid this sounds, but really, it's not like it was a table. It was a Christmas tree for God's sake.

Every Christmas season now, Hubby shares that story with our guest. I guess half the reason is because we still own that tree. I get it, I messed up, but I really picked out a gorgeous tree.

Fast forward to present day. So there I stood in Raymour and Flannigan starring at this beautiful breakfast table. Did I really need a new one right now? The truth is no. The old one wasn't broken...just ugly. I had my measurement sheet ready. There was even a red tag sale.

And then I made the call.

Me- "Hi, Hunny. You won't believe this beautiful table I found for the breakfast area."

Him- "Did you measure?"

Me- "Of course I measured. I'm holding the paper right here in my hand."

Him- "Do we need a new breakfast table right now?"

Me- (Pause) "I guess not. It's just the one we have is really small."

Him- "You can get it if you think we need it."

Me- (Thinking to myself: I'm being tested, should I really buy this?) "Thank You!!!!"

Him- "You measured, right?"

Folks, if you ever decide to buy a piece of furniture that your not sure your spouse will like do what I did: Go out for the day.

I figured by the time I returned, whatever bad feelings he may have had will have certainly been forgotten by that night.

In I walked, and there it stood. Funny, it didn't look that large at the store. But gosh, it really was a beautiful table.

In walks Hubby. He has half a smile on his face. "You measured, right?" he asked.

"Of course I measured. I even measured the width this time."

"Did you take into account that you would have to pull out the chairs to sit at that grand table?"

(Me- pausing again. Unsure of my next line. I knew whatever I said, I was going to be in trouble.)

Hubby- Giggles.

It's funny how well this man knows me. He did tell me later how much he likes the table, but that it is a little large. I agreed.

Lessons Learned:

1)One should not send a person who was asked to join a creative writing class, but who failed to make the mark in their math class into a furniture store with measurements.

2) Marry a wonderful person who enjoys laughing at your quirkiness.

3) Most Importantly Remember: Size Does Matter!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Hero of the Week

I'm a news hound. Everyday I skim through two newspapers. The local news plays in the background while I get the kids ready for school. I then watch bits and pieces of the Today show. It starts all over come dinner time when I review the local news for the second time, then the national news. I give much thanks to my mom and my history teachers for this love, but at times I have to admit it's depressing.

A common trend I find in the news today is the reporting of tragedy, violence and just complete nonsense. It seems the more ridiculous you act, the more likely you are to wake up with reporters on your lawn. While these stories tend to get the bulk of network attention, the stories that we wish we heard more often get only 30 seconds or so. Often there's not even a picture.

I claim no journalist abilities, but I know a good story when I hear one. With that said, I've decided to start a weekly column in my blog saluting a hometown hero. And although this may be a Mom blog, father's indeed get a vote. Even children for that matter. If you've gone above and beyond, you deserve to be noticed. For now, I will be pulling candidate's from reported headlines. Once I get a bit more established, I would like to call on my readers to submit votes.

The Hometown Hero I have chosen this week is New Jersey father David Goldman. In 2004 David's wife took their son Sean to Brazil to visit family. She never returned. Instead, she divorced David, remarried and began a new life. The tragedy continued when David's now ex-wife died while giving birth to another child.

David has been fighting from day one to have the custody of his son returned to him. This past week it looked as if this may happen, but while en route to Brazil the ruling was changed.

I chose David as my first Hometown Hero because of his courage, and his endearing love for his child.

It's anyone's guess how this situation is going to end. I can't even say if what David is doing is entirely right. It appeared that although what his ex wife did was illegal, she always provided a loving environment for Sean. This is all that Sean knows. Is it actually feasible to remove a child from one country and expect him to thrive in another after losing his mother and being taken from everything that is familiar? I unfortunately do not have that answer.

Whether right or wrong, David never gave up. And that is why this week, he has been chosen my first Hometown Hero.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Graduation Day

Dear Potter,

Well, it's five hours and counting until your big performance. I still have baths to give, clothes to iron, and my own list of stuff that just keeps growing. But with all the excitement around here, I thought it was only right to take just a little time out of the day to say how proud Mommy and Daddy are of you.

You have grown so much in so many ways this year. Your questions amaze even the brightest. I watched as you began to recognize numbers in September to finally in May when you began adding them together. Our countless hours with flashcards really paid off. You have begun to read to Mommy and Daddy. What a joy!

You are a testament to everything that is right in this world Potter. Nearly six years ago when you decided to come into this world two months early, no one dared tell us how successful you would become someday. But we knew. We knew that any baby that beat the odds that you did back then would be a fighter.

You remind me everyday that no matter how big my obstacles may be; in the end they are still just obstacles. You are a constant example that gifts don't need to be wrapped in bows. You are one of the best gifts we have ever received.

Happy Graduation Day Potter. We love you.

Monday, June 1, 2009

What the Hole?

Over the years, I have come to the realization that some things must have holes. For instance:

1) My morning doughnut- I don't proclaim to be a fitness guru. I enjoy a little sin once in a while. And if it takes a hole to create a zenful balance in doughnut world, then let them make a hole.

2) Ant Hills- Everyone needs a front door. Small hole, big problem!

3) The Grand Canyon- A beautiful site that I've only experienced through the Travel Channel and the right side windows of an airplane headed to Vegas. Big Hole, small problem!

4) The Bucket- "Dear Henry, Dear Henry!"

5) Hubby's Underwear- I have been told that men's underwear are not actually comfortable until they reach this state of holiness. Small holes...his problem!

And so this leads me to the topic of where I should not expect to find holes ever, never, never, ever!

My Teeth!

And there I was sitting comfortably in the dentist chair Saturday morning. I had just finished my cleaning, when I'm hit with this wonderful news: "You have a cavity."

"What? That's not possible", I said.

See, about six years ago, after neglecting the yearly exams for a while, I found a wonderful dentist office. I had all my cavities taken care of at that time, and I vowed that I would stay on top of those visits. And I did, I really did, but apparently something went haywire. Maybe I grew an immunity to fluoride? Maybe the doctor mixed up my X-Ray with the lady sitting next to me? Maybe my Dentist is due for an eye exam? Anything but a cavity. It just can't be true.

So because of this little snafu, I'm forced to spend yet another Saturday in a dentist chair. Once upon a time I looked forward to Saturdays, but not this weekend. No sir! This hole, I mean whole experience has got me pretty shaken. Apparently, it's not that big of a deal.

Please enjoy some of the comments I received from my family and friends:

1) Mother: "Well, it's about time. Really Mary, it's been six years."

My Thought: "Honestly Mom, it's not like I'm referring to my youth. I didn't mourn it's failure to exist."

2) Potter (my 5 year old)- "You should try brushing harder like you make me do. Do you want me to show you?"

My Thought: "Sure Potter, why don't you teach the newbie how to brush her teeth?"

3) Best Friend- "A cavity, that's it?" "Wait until you go for your checkup, and they just start falling out!"

My Thought- "Holy @#$%&*!"

4) Hubby- "Maybe that muffin habit caught up to you."

My Thought- (sarcastic repeat) "Maybe that muffin habit caught up to you!"

As you can tell, I'm am surrounded by a loving social circle.

Well, it looks as if I'll just have to brave this one out, and hope for better things to come. Stay tuned next week for the HOLE story!